My Experience During the MIBF 2016

October 08, 2016


That was the first line I said when I entered the SMX Convention Center during the 37th MIBF 2016. Well, what should I expect? It's a book fair - duh- but kidding aside, I was amazed not only with the number of books there but at the same time the number of people who went there.

I badly want to go to this event for the past years. Unfortunately, my schedule won't permit me. But this year, I am so happy that I was able to go even if I am alone. I was supposed to be with some of my classmates but suddenly, they were not available. Anyway, I still enjoy being alone.

So first, what is MIBF? For those who don't know this event, Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), as seen on the title itself, is a book fair. It is an annual event where different bookstores or book publishers/authors gather and sell their books with some discounts too. This event is perfect for bookworms.

Like what I told earlier, I was amazed with all the books I see. I continued walking, searching for the books I am looking for. I love reading inspirational books, fictions or just something that I will learn something from (except for TC7 oh please, I had enough of that book lol).

While I was roaming around, I told myself that I am only gonna buy one book since I need to save money if I want to see other KPOP groups that will be coming here soon. But whenever I see a book and touch it, I simply want to buy it. The temptation is real.

One of the most famous bookstores here in the Philippines, National Bookstore. Of course, I will go here and look for the books I want. I just hope they are on SALE so I can buy more books.


Can you see those 20% off there? How about the people with the grocery carts? Seems like they'll be hoarding a lot of books. And here I am holding one book.

NAAAAAH. But I don't care. I have been looking for this ever since I saw this book on a K-drama entitled "Love Rain" (I recommend this drama if you haven't watched it. Yoona and Jang Geun Seuk are daebak!). I have watched this movie so I already know the story. But still, I wanted to read the story. NOTE: The Little Prince is for everyone. Like what was stated in the book, "after all, all grown-ups were children once."

I love books about growing up or staying as a child. It reminds me on how I should deal with life.

After buying it, I continued roaming around and saw even more books. How I wish I could buy them all.




After hours of roaming around the place, hurting myself by not buying some books I want (like the Maze Runner series and some other books), I decided to go home.

To be very honest, I felt so tired walking around without no one to talk to. But at the same time, I felt so happy for being on my own. Weird but yeah, sometimes going on an event alone is fun too.


Here are the books I bought. Almost about life. And oh, for those who love to draw the happenings in their life on their journals, I recommend Abbey Sy's latest book, "The ABCs of Journaling". You can buy it at any bookstores nationwide or you can check Abbey's website and order online.

Even though I spent my money here, I know everything will be worth it. I am looking forward for the next MIBF and I will really make sure to save thousands of money to buy the books I want.


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