2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila

March 05, 2017

So hey guys! I'm back. It's been a long time since I last posted in this blog. Actually, a problem came in my former site (musiciantraveller.com) so I had to transfer to another domain. And now, Musician Traveler is officially back! To start 2017, my first post will be about one of the best KPOP concerts I have ever attended! It is the 2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila that happened last March 2, 2017 at the MOA Arena. There were 6 groups and one solo artist in this concert: BAP, B1A4, AOA, BTOB, CN Blue, SHINee, and PSY.

So before I start my fangirling feels, I would like to tell you that this isn't a typical concert wherein a lot of groups will perform and that's it. No. This is more of a campaign wherein it aims reunify the Korean people and have global peace. That is why they have this slogan, "One Dream, One Korea, One World".

Here goes my not-so-long-yet-not-so-short blog post about 2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila.

I arrived at the venue at about 4 in the afternoon. I met my classmate slash friend, Trice, near the MOA Arena. At around 5:30pm, we already lined up so that we can immediately sit on our respected seats.

Trice is a Shawol (SHINee's fans). If you're going to ask me about my fandom, well, I'm a super duper multi-fandom person because, why not? I love the oppas ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

At around 6:00pm, we were already inside the Arena. Trice and I have different seats. She was in the block with Shawols while I'm with Boices (CN Blue fans) and there, I met new friends. Since it is already dark inside the arena, we had to turn on our camera flashlights in order for us to take a better picture.

I also brought my Mark doll. He will be with me in every concert or events I'll attend. It's his first concert! Yay!

[caption id="attachment_1101" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Baby Mark, do you have a ticket? How were you able to enter? Is this your first concert?[/caption]

There was also free foam sticks inside the venue. Another souvenir for the concert!

On common concerts, it will start by simply presenting the groups that will perform. Since this is not a typical concert, it first started with a short AVP showing the history of Korean and Korean War. Some representatives or global ambassadors have a short talk telling people about this goal to have peace. Guests went on top of the stage. Our very own Mr. Cesar Montano was also there. To start the main concert, they held white dove balloons and let it flew up.

We waited for a couple of minutes before the concert starts.

The first group to go up on stage is BAP.

This is not my first time seeing BAP. I saw them last MBC Show Champion in Manila last 2016 (read my blog about the concert here: MBC Show Champion in Manila). One of their members, as I heard it was their leader, was not able to attend the concert due to health reasons. We wish him well.

Despite the fact that they are not complete, BAP still stood out giving their best performance. The first song they performed is "Skydive". The next song they performed is "One Shot". After performing two songs, they paused for a while and greeted everyone. They ended their stage by performing their song, "No Mercy".

The emcees of the concert then went up on stage. Guess who? It's SHINee's Minho and AOA's Seolhyun.

The Shawols screamed so loud when Minho went up on stage. They (or should I say we) really missed SHINee.

They were speaking in their language but the good part here is one screen flashes the English translation of what they are talking about. They introduced the next performer, B1A4. *internally screaming Jinyoung's name*

To be very honest, I only know two members in B1A4: Jinyoung and Baro. I knew Jinyoung since he wrote the song "In the Same Place" for Produce101 trainees. I fell in love with the song that made me look forward to seeing Jinyoung in the future. And that future happened in this concert.

B1A4 is known for their colorful music videos and happy songs. To start their stage, they performed one of their cutest songs, "Beautiful Target". They were so energetic performing this song. The crowd were also singing with them. *sings I like it, like it, like it* This song gives me the LSS feels. Their next song is "What's Going On". They then introduced themselves. Jinyoung, who seems to be the most famous since he also acts, had the loudest scream from the audience. Since they are speaking in Korean (and there is no English translation on the screen), we can't understand what they are saying. And they suddenly did the aegyo which made all of us scream. After that, they had their last song which is "Baby Goodnight".

[caption id="attachment_1110" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Introduction part[/caption]

I thought, this concert will be like MBC wherein groups will only perform during their group's stage. But then, they surprised us with a special stage. In this special stage, the artists will sing some of the OSTs of famous K-dramas like Descendants of the Sun, Love in the Moonlight, and of course, Boys over Flowers. AOA's Choa sang Descendants of the Sun's You are my Everything. B1A4's Sandeul sang Love in the Moonlight's Swallowing my Heart. The last part of the special stage is BAP's Daehyun and Youngjae singing Boy Over Flower's Almost Paradise.

After the special stage, the next performer was the only girl group in the event, AOA.

Like BAP, it was my second time seeing AOA. The first was during MBC too. This time, their clothes were the cutie-girly type unlike before the sexy type. But still, they managed to show still show their sexiness throughout their whole performance.

Their first song was "Excuse Me" which literally stayed in my head for a couple of minutes. At first, I even thought they were saying "Kiss Me". Good thing the screen flashed the words excuse me. The second song was "Mini Skirt". Like the other groups, after singing two songs, they greeted the fans and introduced themselves. They even gave us an aegyo too. *oh Jimin why you so cute?*

They then sang their last song, "Heart Attack".

Three groups have already performed. We are now left with three more groups and one artist. The next performer was BTOB! *ohmygosh let my fangirling feels blow*

The first time I saw BTOB was during Best of Best Concert 2015 (read my blog here: Best of Best KPOP Concert 2015). I was not their fan yet so I know nothing about their song. All I know in BTOB is Sungjae because my friends keep on mentioning his name. But after that concert, I fell in love with BTOB because their dances are great + their vocals are definitely recommendable! And Minhyuk got my attention since then.

Now, they are here in the Philippines and I'm so happy about that. But what made me happier is that Minhyuk having his brown hair and his forehead can be seen. I kept on looking at him. He is so precious. The songs they performed were "I'll be your man""Beep Beep", and "Wow". Aside from their energetic performance, Sungjae left something for the fans. It is during the greetings period where he spoke a Visayan phrase which caught everyone off guard but still we screamed.

I missed them so much and I hope I can attend their fanmeeting here in the Philippines soon.

Screams started to became even louder when the staff started to put the instruments on the stage. C.N Blue in the house! Since my seat is with the Boices, we shouted so loud because finally, they are here!

[caption id="attachment_1115" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Yonghwa = king of fan service[/caption]

I have been a fan of C.N Blue since Heartstrings era. I fell in love with their songs making me complete all their albums. I have waited for them for almost 6 years and finally I had the chance to see them. My heart is slowly pounding harder making me want to cry. It's here. They are finally here.

Yonghwa was so energetic since the start of their stage. He even went in front alone. Well, his bandmates can't leave their position because they are playing the instrument. My bias was actually Minhyuk since he is the drummer but my feels for Yonghwa is overflowing that night. They sang these songs, "Can't Stop""Cinderella", and "You're so Fine".

I only took few pictures of them and just enjoyed their stage. One of the most memorable line from Yonghwa is "Manila you're so sweet like a vanilla". It seems like C.N Blue especially Yonghwa is so eager to see us PH Boices. C.N Blue solo concert please!

Before we go to the next group to perform, they gave us another special stage.

This time, KPop idols sang a tagalog song. BTOB's Hyunsik and Eunkwang sang Freddie Aguilar's famous song, Anak, while Mr. Cesar Montano playing the guitar. They sang it so well, though there are still a bit diction problem, but still, they are good! The next was Yuna of AOA who sang an OST of the movie My Sassy Girl, "I Believe".

After these special stages, we now go to the next KPop group which seriously made me go to this event, SHINee!

This moment, I remembered the first time I saw Super Junior. I had the same chills. I am so happy while crying on the inside because finally I saw them after years! AND FINALLY THEY ARE COMPLETE! My heart is crying when I heard them perform. I love SHINee. I may not show it as much as I show my love for other groups, but SHINee will always have a big part in my heart.

They performed four songs, "View""An Encore""1 of 1", and "Everybody".

I never thought they are going to sing An Encore. They literally made me tear up. I heard their precious voices especially Jonghyun's voice. *cries for a bit* What made their stage even more special is the fanchant from Shawols and also their stare to their fans.

[caption id="attachment_1118" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Jonghyun just winked at me. I died.[/caption]

The whole arena was wrecked by the shouts and screams of the fans. Everyone waited for SHINee. SHINee is the group who manages to sing well while having a hardcore dance plus they still have the looks. SHINee is PERFECT. How I wish people will support SHINee too.

And all I can say after their performance is, "SHINee, you are truly worth the wait".

Last but not the least, the person who sang the most famous song of 2012, PSY!

PSY is the famous YG artist who sang the song, "Oppa Gangnam Style" which caught the whole world dancing to it. It is really a privilege to see this international star perform in the Philippines. He hyped us when he sang his songs. He also made me cry when he sang a slow song about a father.

These are the songs he sang, "Napal Baji""Gentlemen""Father""Daddy", and of course the sensational song, "Oppa Gangnam Style". All I can say is that he deserves to be known. He may not have the age and the visual almost every teenage girl is looking for, but he has the skill and talent to make you dance and sing with him. He is truly a great performer.

To end the concert, all of the artists went up on stage to sing the theme song of One K. Unfortunately, BTOB were no longer there since they have their flight at 11pm. Having all the artists on one stage is not really common during concerts so I was shocked that there was an ending part.

I wanted to say something from my language. "Wala eh, ginalingan ng AAP. Uwian na."

Truly, AAP really managed to make this one the best concert I have attended. I am looking forward for more events and concerts with them!

Before I end this blog post, I always have this mandatory picture with the stage.


Looking forward for my next kpop concert or fanmeeting! 'Til then!

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