38th Manila International Book Fair=

September 26, 2017

It's that time of the year where all bookworms and book lovers attend this very special event, the Manila International Book Fair.

This will be my second time attending the said event and for the first time, I am not alone. I am with my friends Jaja, Pat, and Mary. It's really fun going to this event with friends. You cry together (especially when the books you want are expensive), you laugh together (as we check the prices of the books), and especially bond together.

I told myself last year, I was going to save money so I can buy a lot of books this year. Unfortunately, I was not able to save. But at least I was able to buy one book.

I am the one wearing maroon. Sorry for the face. The one in the middle was Jaja and at the back was Mary. We were waiting for Pat during this time.

We were so excited to enter the book fair (and vlogging it too! Yes I uploaded it on YouTube and Facebook) that's why I wasn't able to take a pic of us 4 together.

We walked around and searched for the books we were looking for.

Pat (the one wearing pink) and Mary were so busy checking on these graphic novels. We wanted to buy it unfortunately, our money is not enough for that one graphic novel. ANG HIRAP MAGING MAHIRAP. That's what we always say. HAHA

Since it is a book fair, there are also lot of stores who gave discounts to their books and magazines. It may be magazines from years ago. But there are also some new items which are on sale.

Books. Books. AND MORE BOOKS. If you are looking for books, maybe for entertainment or school purposes, it is really a must if you go there! They offer a lot of varieties and genres of books. Just make sure you have the money. lol.

We roamed around the book fair and got tired since there are also a lot of people inside. After buying some books, we decided to go out and eat at Tokyo Tokyo.

It was really fun looking at all those books. This time, I will not promise to save money instead I will just do it. lol. I just hope next year, I can buy all the books I'm looking for.

For the mean time, I was able to buy one book entitled, "Call Me Hope". I was able to finish it for about 2 days, I guess.

I was actually attracted to it at first because of its design. It is really a nice artwork. Plus, it has the words, "Sometimes words hurt" and "Hope." For a person like me, I really wanted a lot of people to know that a simple word can hurt the feelings of another word and it may take time before it gets fully healed especially if it came from the person you love the most.

You will learn a lot from this. The nice thing also about this book is that, at the end of it, there is a list of things you can do for yourself. Things that was also seen in the book. What I also like here is the author is so great putting The Diary of Anne Frank in the story which made the character think of her situation.

For those people who are experiencing verbal abuse, I highly recommend this book. Find out how Hope finds her way out of this verbal abuse.

It may be a tiring day for the four of us but the memories we created here will be treasured forever.

Also, this is my vlog:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImSu02cupSg[/embedyt]


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