A Fangirl's Diary: Nam Joo Hyuk in Manila

September 30, 2017

Still remember that cutie student from School 2015? How about that artistic prince from Scarlet Heart Ryeo? Or that swimmer-boyfie in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo? And maybe the Water God? Well, yes you are right. It's Nam Joo Hyuk! And last September 23, 2017, he went to Manila to have his first-ever fan meeting here. And guess who went to see him? *raises hands*

Three days before my birthday, MMI Live posted on their Facebook page that Nam Joo Hyuk will be having his fan meeting here in Manila. I wanted to go but unfortunately I can't buy the tickets even if I have the money. I was actually devastated knowing that I have been waiting for him here in PH but then I will not be able to go.

But, a miracle happened and someone just gave me his ticket. Long story. But yeah, I got my ticket for free. And I'm so happy huhu.

Look who is more excited to see Nam Joo Hyuk? Little Mark is with me during the fan meeting since I promised that he will be in all the events I will attend to. Here is my ticket. It wasn't a VIP one but who cares? At least I'm going to see Nam Joo Hyuk!

Everyone, meet my friend, Randell (you can follow him on IG: rxndell). He was the one who gave me the ticket to Nam Joo Hyuk's fan meeting. I'm just so happy. Look at my smile.

This is the balcony/loge line. Look at all those Nam Joo Hyuk headbands! We're so excited to see him already!

After a few minutes of waiting in line, we finally got to enter the venue. Yes, we're at the center plus first row! It was really near the stage so we can see Nam Joo Hyuk's face really well.

This is actually our view. Little Mark wants to have a picture with the stage behind him.

This is how the stage looks like. I am feeling these chills again whenever I see that Nam Joo Hyuk there. Ahhh. The memories!

We waited for a couple of minutes before the show started. At about 6:30pm, the lights were turned off and then the screams started to get louder and louder. The show started with a video where Nam Joo Hyuk was talking. After that, he walked up to that top and started singing a ballad Korean song.

And there you go, Nam Joo Hyuk showing his forehead. Okay guys, bye. I'm dead.

But seriously, he looks so handsome! I didn't imagine him to be this handsome. Well, I mean, I know everyone knows he looks good but he really looks better in person. I love his hairstyle like those brushed-up hairstyles where we can see their foreheads. Ugh, it's killing me.

Here we can see Nam Joo Hyuk sitting down together with the emcee, Sam Oh. Oh well, she's the luckiest emcee. She's been the emcee for a lot of Korean acts here. In this time, Nam Joo Hyuk was telling more about himself. And also, there were three lucky fans who got to get a souvenir from Nam Joo Hyuk including that little blue stuffed toy.

After having that small talk, there was a cooking session that happened. But this time, in order to get the proper ingredients, Nam Joo Hyuk has to pass some tests. Two tests were with the fans. So lucky fans.

In this segment, he made a kimbap with wasabi and made his manager eat it. He was laughing so hard but still cared for his manager.

Another thing, a fan tried to eat the kimbap that Nam Joo Hyuk and it was really spicy because of the wasabi. Nam Joo Hyuk's conscience can't take it seeing the fan suffered from what he did. So in return, he signed his apron and gave it to her personally.

Well, I don't care how hot that is. I'm gonna eat it too. HAHAHA

And of course, this fan meeting won't be complete if chosen fans won't be able to go up on the stage. Four lucky fans were chosen by a raffle draw. And yes, I got jealous of it. Huhuhu. They will be re-enacting some scenes in Bride of the Water God.

NAM JOO HYUK JUST GAVE HER A FREAKING BACK HUG! WHO WOULDN'T BE JEALOUS HERE?! Haha But still, I'm so happy for the fan. Just for once I want to be on that place. Please.

And of course, after all the laughs and screams we received, we also received some crying.

And this is our fan project. Nam Joo Hyuk cried after watching our fan project. And my heart is so touched. I wanted to hug him that time and wipe his tears. Huhu. But I'm so happy he loved the fan project.

We also had banners raised up during that time.

"You will shine brilliantly wherever you are" Nam Joo Hyuk told this line in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. And for the fans, he will continue to shine bright wherever he is.

The fan meeting lasted for about 2 hours. And it was all worth it. For those #TeamBahay, start saving up because Nam Joo Hyuk promised he will be coming back soon and he will prepare a Coldplay song. So I will claim to that promise.

And of course, the must in every events like this.

Tadahhhh! A picture with the stage lol. Thank you for this experience. And I hope I'll experience something like this again soon.

Also, I prepared a vlog. Look how happy I am. Haha.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roFn1YmCkAY[/embedyt]


Hope you enjoy this blog!


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