K-Vault: DAY6 SUNRISE 1st Album

September 02, 2017

It has been a long time since I last posted here in my blog. Aside from the fact that nothing special really is happening in my life, I became so immersed with my academics. To be very honest, I have received this album last July but I was not able to write a blog about it. Now that I found a time to write, I'll be doing it so even though it is suuuuuuuuper late.

Anyway, if you are a MY DAY, you are very much aware of Every DAY6 and since it is the first half of the year, DAY6 finally released their first full-length album with songs from their January to June comebacks plus a revised version of Letting Go and Congratulations.

I was so happy while unboxing this album because it is really beautiful especially it's gold and black cover.

Here you can see there are a total of 14 songs in this album - 2 from every month (January - July) and 2 from their previous comebacks.

I really love their new logo.

Now it is time for the inclusions of the album. I'm really excited because for the first time they are having their photocards. And a lot of my kpop friends know that I am a collector of photocards.

When you open the album, you will see these clear cards which have been DAY6's trademark ever since their first mini album.

I love that sunrise gradient. This album is giving me chills.

Next you'll see the photo album.

Here is a simple video I made about how the photo album and lyric book look like:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlyRfqa6G6w[/embedyt]

And I closed my eyes as I pick the photo cards. I am nervous and hoping that I'll either get a group photo card, my bias (Dowoon) photocard or my bias wrecker (Young K) photocard. And voila!

I got my bias' and my bias wrecker's photocards. I was so happy because I got these photocards! No longer need to trade. These photocards were bigger that the normal photocards I collect. These seem more like a polaroid type photocard.

And since I am not staying in South Korea and won't be able to use this code, I will simply use this thing as my bookmark.

The CD case was just clear but it added a great effect in the whole album.

Of course, it won't be complete without the poster. To be very honest, I was not able to secure a poster since the supplier said it was already out of stock. But I thank my friend who sold her poster so I was able to have one! Yey! The poster's texture is like a paper's texture, not the glossy one. And ohmygosh, Brian oh I mean, Young K at the center. Yieeee!

I am already excited to play the CD even if I already heard the songs. Well, I don't usually do it but it's DAY6. I buy the album not only because of the inclusions but mainly because of their songs. If you my friend isn't a My Day yet, I highly recommend being one. Listen to DAY6 because their music is just so great and you can really feel the emotions flowing (Dear Brian, I know what you did there. lol).

My favorite song in this album is I Would (그럴 텐데) but all of their songs were great. I promise you!

Anyway, this will be the end of my blog about the album. I will be posting my Chung Ha - Hands On Me album soon. So please do wait for it!



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