K-Vault: Wanna One 1x1=1 'To Be One' Album

October 08, 2017

And now I'm back with another K-Vault update. My new albums are actually stuck here at my box because I am too busy at school and have little time to do some other things. Although it's kinda late, I'm still going to share to you my Wanna One 1x1=1 'To Be One' album.

Wanna One, in case you haven't heard of them, is the boy group formed from Produce 101 Season 2. They are the brother group of I.O.I. The members are Kang Daniel (Center), Park Jihoon, Lee Daehwi, Kim Jaehwan, Ong Seongwu, Park Woojin, Lai Kuan Lin, Yoon Jisung, Bae Jinyoung, Hwang Minhyun, and Ha Sungwoon.

Although some of my faves weren't able to be at the top 11, where almost all fans got shocked, Samuel and Jonghyun, I still supported Wanna One because almost all of them are really part of my line up. AND. My ultimate bias, Lai Kuan Lin was able to enter the top 11.

Anyway, Wanna One has debuted last August 7, 2017 with their title track Energetic. You can check their MV here:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVaV7AwqBWg[/embedyt]

They released two version of their album. The pink and the sky one.

The sky version is for their 'Burn It Up' MV while the pink is for their 'Energetic' MV. They released two MVs but Energetic came first, and I guess after a few days or a week, Burn It Up was released.

I love the color of their albums and also I love the font!

Both albums have same inclusions like cover card (random), group cover card, sleeves (random), golden ticket (for first press albums), individual photocard (random), group photocard, photobooks, lyrics book, and the CD.

Let's go first with the Sky Version.

This is how the cover card and sleeves looks like.

To be very honest, I didn't get Lai Kuan Lin at first. I got Ong SeongWu (who happened to be my bias wrecker). But I had the chance to trade him for a Lai Kuan Lin. If you get this member on your cover card, automatically, the sleeves would be that member too.

This is the back look of the cover card.

This is golden ticket. Since my album came late, I wasn't able to use this. To be very honest, I have no idea where to use it too. lol. But they say you have to input the code (which is at the back) on some website to win something.

And once agaaaaiiiin, I'm thinking about~~ Joke. I was just singing. And once again, Lai Kuan Lin was not the photocard I got from the album. I got Jinyoung but had it traded.

This is the back portion of the photocard. Good thing these photocards fit my 9x9 photocard binder.

These are the photobooks and lyric book. The small photobook is so cool! Will show you a video at the end of it (although it was an epic fail).

This is the back version.

Here is the CD. I really love the packaging of this album. It's really cool! Plus the colors are my faves! I was also blessed to have a poster of this album.



Like what I said earlier, they have the same inclusions. The difference is the design and pictures.

I love the pink version because it's very colorful. They look so young and fresh HAHAHA

Lai Kuan Lin photocard is love. But have you read the issue about the shirt his wearing? I just felt sad knowing that what he wore isn't official which made some fans react to it. Why are you guys doing this to may baby?

Again, the golden ticket that I didn't even have the chance to use it.

The big photobook and the lyrics book are just the same. While the small photobook has a different content.

Why do I love the pink one in this photo? HAHA.

I was just a bit shocked with the posters because they weren't that big as I was expecting it to. It was smaller than my usual posters. And speaking of posters, now, I have to buy another poster tube because I already have a lot of posters.

Before I end this blog, here is the video of the photobooks.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWSPeFi85xA[/embedyt]

I'll be blogging my JJ Project album too, soon, even if the one I got wasn't complete. HUHU. I'm just waiting for the right time. Please do expect more from me on the next weeks and months! I will be working hard to maintain this blog.


P.S. Wondering where I got my album? Check out gdyb-ph.myshopify.com or go to their Facebook account, GDYB Philippines. I have been a suki of this store.

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