Wanna One 1st Fan Meeting in Manila: Wanna Be Loved

October 17, 2017

The 11 handsome boys of Wanna One finally had their first fan meeting here in the Philippines. And I am so proud to be part of the crowd. Although I hate the producer of the event (that is a different story), I still went there to see the  them. I just hope the next time they'll come here, a better producer will handle them.

Okay. I'm sorry for starting this blog with a negative feedback. Anyway, I won't talk about the producer here in this post. Instead, I will be posting here my experience in Wanna One 1st Fan Meeting in Manila: Wanna Be Loved.

At first, I thought I won't be able to attend the said event because my parents did not allow me to use my own money for it. I'm just so blessed to have a Wannable friend (Hi Meka!) who supported me all the way. And I was able to go.

The fan meeting happened last October 13, 2017, 8pm, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Ticket prices were 12000, 9000, 7000, and 3000 which I can say is so expensive for a rookies' fan meeting. The prices were almost same as GDragon's and Taeyang's solo concerts. Even if it's expensive, a lot of Wannables bought tickets. Unfortunately, it wasn't sold out.

So I went to Araneta after my class so that we can claim our wristbands for the hitouch and our IDs and lanyards.

After a few hours, guess what? It rained so hard. Which made me tweet, "BAGYO ANG DALA NG WANNA ONE!"

While waiting for the rain to stop, I met my fellow My Days who are also a Wannables.

Hi there!!

We then decided to line-up for the perks we got and there I met Meka with her cousin.

They are my fan meet buddies for tonight! And seriously, we did the cruelest thing we can do. HAHAHA. Of course, that's our secret. ;)

After lining up for a few minutes, we finally got our hitouch strap and our VIP ID.

I honestly thought this strap can be removed easily but I still needed scissors for it to be removed. Well, I removed it when I arrived home.

So after getting those straps, we ate first and waited until the gates are finally open.

We're so proud of our IDs. :D

After waiting for hours, we finally get to our seats. And as usual, my same reaction. "WE'RE SO CLOSE!'"

Yes. That's the view from our place. We can really see them up-close. Although we wanted to have a seat on the center area, we were not able to get a slot because of the RESERVED seats for the SPONSORS! Oh no, I'm not ranting. Just stating a fact. :)

Someone was actually more excited than me. Look at his smile. He even wore his 'Just Right' clothes to make me feel okay.

Of course, the fan meeting will not be complete unless we have our official lightsticks! I don't actually know if this is Wanna One's official lightstick or just a lightstick from their debut stage. I hope they will release the official (when I have money).

We waited for an hour, I guess, before the fan meeting started.

And YES. The lights were turned off and this was flashed on the screen. So everyone shouted and screamed to the top of their lungs. My hands were actually shaking because I am not ready to see them and I am afraid I might change bias after the fan meet.

They first performed "Never". I suddenly remembered Jonghyun who wasn't able to part of the 11. But still, the song "Never" will always be the best concept song. Then they performed their title track "Energetic" which literally gave us the energy we needed.

After their performance, they have this segment to know Wanna One. They then started greeting us using our language, Filipino, which made us scream even more.

The best introduction was Woojin's and Jihoon's. It seems like they rehearsed it for a couple of times.

My pictures are blurry because my hands were shaking. I was actually shouting Lai Kuan Lin's name so hard. He was on the other side so I wanted him to hear me.

There was a part were Baejin, Kuanlin and Jihoon became princes wherein they will catch the hearts of the fans. And this is the part where I started falling in love with Baejin. (Oh no Kuanlin hold tight!!)

Look at this cutie having fun with his wand, cape and crown. Seriously, he rose up from my bias list. He's now my bias wrecker.

But of course, Kuan Lin won't let his place be stolen. Look at this smile. Huhu. So handsome my baby boy.

After this getting-to-know-Wanna-One segment, they performed Wanna Be (My Baby). One of my favorite songs. Well, I love all their songs actually. And on this song, as usual, Ong being the most hyped person. One of the reasons why I fell in love with him even more.

A short break came then a video presentation.

They then changed clothes to a school uniform wherein they performed "Nayana".

The next segment was a school-type-PE-segment. I forgot the title of this segment. On this segment, they were the students and the emcee was the teacher. After that, they were playing some games on stage.

Some of the most memorable moments were when Lai Kuan Lin and Ji Hoon were popping the balloon, OngNiel being Goblin and Grim Reaper, the hula hoop of Sungwoon, and the hitting game of Woojin and Jaehwan.

After that, they picked some seats for the signed posters since they won the challenges. Unfortunately, most of the seats chosen were not bought. So at the end, no fans claimed the signed posters.

They then performed, Hands on Me. And we were told that it was their last performance (if I am not mistaken).

After that, the word Encore came out of the screen so we shouted as loud as we can. Wanna One came back to the stage with Burn it Up and then had their final song 'Always'.

I had a cover of this song. Please do check it out.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATZkSb10BFY[/embedyt]

Back to the Wanna One fan meeting.

So they sang this very emotional song. I cried during this moment. Not because it's over but because I saw them but still unsatisfied because of the ugly production of IME PH. I wished this fan meeting would have been better.

But I just think of the moments I saw them.

They promised to come back soon. And by soon, they mean on January which I won't be attending because of financial problems. But even if I won't see them on January I'm still happy that they will still be coming back. Also, Pulp will be bringing them too here next year, 2018, so I guess that will be the best.

After the fan meeting, it's now our time to have our hitouch moment with them. I was actually trying to video the whole hitouch but I was caught by a staff and they confiscated my phone. So sad. But there were other fans who were able to have a video of their hitouch. I wonder how they did it.

Anyway, during the hitouch..

Ong was the first one there and he was smiling so cutely at me. Ohmygosh! Promise I couldn't take away my looks from him.

And then Kuan Lin was next. I planned to say "Noona loves you" but I ended up saying nothing because I was too amazed with his features. Next one is Jihoon. As far as I can remember he smiled shyly to me.

To be honest, I can't remember Jihoon much because the staff keeps on pushing me.

Next one is Daniel. Well, I remembered him because of his glasses. He just smiled at me. And I wasn't able to say anything.

Sungwoon was next. Sungwoon was just like faking a smile at me. lol. Maybe he is just too tired.

Jisung was next. And I don't know why but I was so excited to see Jisung. So I jumped while screaming his name. He smiled at me while shaking his head. Ohmygosh, I really love Jisung. He may not be my bias but he is the person I will treasure forever. Jisung deserves a spot there at Wanna One. He is one of the best leaders I will love.

Next is my-new-bias-wrecker, Baejin. He looks so cute and handsome at the same time. He smiled so cheerfully as if there's no tomorrow. I wanted to look at him more.

The next one is Jaehwan. Jaehwan just smiled simply, like how Sungwoon smiled. I have actually noticed that Jaehwan wasn't that active during the fan meeting. I do not know if he is not feeling well or if he feels tired of the same routine of this fan meeting (they did this routine in SG).

Woojin was second to the last. To be honest, I don't remember anything from Woojin. Huhuhuhu. I'm trying to remember something maybe I remembered his tooth. HAHAHA.

And the last one was Minhyun. I called him and he smiled like he was very thankful for us coming there to see them. After that, it's all over.

This hand. This is the only memory I had with the hitouch. And it's all over. Post-Fanmeet Depression starts now. And the saying goes, "I hate the feeling at the end of a concert right after the artist leaves and you feel kinda empty because there's nothing to look forward to anymore and you've waited so long for this and your heart kinda hurts because you already miss them more than anything even though you just saw them."

It's all over. All I have to do is wait for them to come back again.

Since I won't get to see them soon (or maybe not able to see them again), I just keep on repeating the videos I recorded and reminiscing everything.

Here is my vlog:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-04K-649DOs[/embedyt]

I'm still hoping that I'll get to see Wanna One for one last time before they disband. I hope I will be satisfied like how I felt during One K Concert.

I love you Wanna One and thank you for being Wanna One.

"Until the moment my heart stops beating, I'll protect you so you won't disappear."






P.S. For the rants I wanted to say, here is a blog made by another fan. Everything is already here.

IME PH no more

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  1. So does everyone get the chance to meet them in person? Even the one with the cheapest ticket?
    Thank you for sharing

  2. If you’re referring to the hitouch session(meeting them in person), unfortunately, only the 500 lucky SVIPs were able to have hitouch with them.


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