KPOP Republic 2: Another KPOP Adventure

November 04, 2017

Who would have thought I'll be this super blessed these past weeks for having free passes for concerts or fan meetings? Thanks to my friends who are very supportive. Anyway, last October 28, 2017, I was able to attend KPOP Republic 2, not as a concert goer but as a media (photographer).

I know you guys have been wondering how I got this media pass. Well, here's the reason. I am a Global Correspondent to this korean blog named for months already. It is only a volunteer work so I don't get paid. This time, I was given a media pass and I need to do a cover of the said event together with their full time staff Minsei unnie.

This is another challenge for me. First, because it will be my first time covering a big concert. I usually do covers of weddings and some small events. Second, we're on the standing area. Imagine the struggle to take good pictures while there are people in front of you who are way taller than you. And lastly, it will be my first time using a Sony camera with 600mm lens.

Although, I was not able to give the best shots, at least I had a great experience and learned more on how to take better pictures.


Aside from the fact that you won't be paying for your tickets, a media pass allows you to have those big cameras inside the concert ground. DSLR cameras are not allowed inside every concerts. You either have to leave it to a friend who is not attending the concert or you will let them get your camera and get them after the concert (although in some cases, there are people who had the guts to hide the cameras and were able to enter with it).

Another good thing with the media pass, you're given the privilege to be in the press conference. Meaning, you'll have a longer time seeing the artists and you'll also have a closer picture of them.

Having a media pass truly is a good thing especially when you have no money to enter the concert. But, you better prepare yourself with body pains and dehydration. I'm telling you, taking pictures or videos using those kind of cameras is really tiring.

Okay. So I guess I'm done with my media pass. Let's now go to the press conference and concert proper.

KPOP Republic 2 is an event brought to us by All Access Productions and HM Entertainment. It happened at Globe Circuit Grounds Makati. Again, I would like to thank them and for this great experience.

All the media people entered a tent where the press conference will be held.


The first group to enter was GFriend. (Note: I took all these photos for that is why I chose to put the one with the watermark).

It's actually my first time seeing GFriend. I was not able to go here during their first fanmeeting because I have no money that time. Who would have thought I would see them, at a very short distance, a longer time, for free?

All of them were actually cute and charming.


Next group was N.Flying.

As far as I know, it wasn't supposed to be N.Flying. DAY6 was AAP's first choice but they have their America tour so they won't make it. Instead, N.Flying was the band chosen.

I actually heard of N.Flying but I am not familiar with them. I know their newest member Hwi Seung because he was a part of Produce 101 Season 2. But I am so thankful I got to know them more because they really have great vocals. They are good. Maybe I'll start checking them out.

I think this last guy wearing red and white will be my bias. lol. We'll see.


The next group was Cosmic Girls or WJSN.

I can still remember when AAP was giving hints on Facebook by showing some silhouettes of the artists. A lot of people was shocked with WJSN because the silhouette shown was like 9 members but in fact they are 13. It's just because some of them are sitting down and others are covered. But their true fans immediately recognized them.

Like N.Flying, I also knew their newest member. Yeonjung, from Produce 101 Season 1, part of IOI, also became a part of this group recently.

Someone actually caught my attention. Their leader. My friend said that her name was Exyl. I do not know why but I seem to like her so much.


Last but not the least, the group that I guess I am most familiar with, NCT 127.

Look at Winwin, he was staring at me. (HE IS MY BIAS! SERIOUSLY!)

So, it's NCT 127. I was so excited to see them since I really like Winwin. But Taeyong caught my attention. For the first time after how many years of being a fangirl, I was so shocked and amazed with an artist's face features. My mouth dropped the moment I saw Taeyong. Note, he is not my bias. But I was starstrucked. Like what I said in my mind, "Hindi siya tao!" (He is not a human being). He literally looks like an anime character who went out of the television. Weird as it may seem, but I am serious. He truly is the visual of the group.

Look at those faces. UGGGH.

I'm not that biased but it's just, I had the greatest presscon photos during NCT's time.

One of the most memorable thing that happened to me during the presscon was I greeted Winwin before they leave the booth. "Saengil Chukhahaeyo Winwin!" I said and then he looked at me and smiled a bit then left.


But seriously, him noticing me is one of the happiest things that happened to me. I am not a solid fan (NCTzen) of NCT since I am more into Super Junior, GOT7, Wanna One and DAY6, but I listen and like their songs. It's just that, Winwin is so precious. HUHUHU. Bless my heart.

When they already went out, I went on their chairs and immediately sat down on Winwin's and Taeyong's chairs and told them "Dito umupo si Winwin at Taeyong!" (Winwin and Taeyong sat here!)

I had no time to fix how I look so I look really haggard at that time. But who cares? Winwin noticed me. lol

Anyway, after the presscon, we had to go outside and set up our materials. We were located at the VIP area and got the center spot.

The concert has the same sequence during the presscon. GFriend first, next N.Flying, then WJSN and lastly, NCT 127.

Here are some of the pictures I took at the concert for

And of course my most favorite picture. HAHAHAHAHA

For videos or fancams of this event please do check's Youtube account. Make sure to subscribe and like our videos.



Again, I would like to thank for this great opportunity. I hope I can work with you again soon! I also would like to thank All Access Productions and HM Entertainment for this event.

Hoping for a more intense KPOP adventure soon!


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