BEST of BEST 2017

January 01, 2018

Today marks the last day of 2017. I am very thankful for all the things I received may it be tangible or not. These things changed me to who I am today. And before I let 2017 end and welcome 2018, I would like to reminisce these best things that I received this year.


This year, my KPOP life boomed even more. I was able to attend 6 concerts or fan meetings here in the Philippines. Special thanks to the friends and workmates who helped me get the tickets I needed from One K to Kim Jaejoong's fanmeeting. I am super blessed to see my favorite artists, and at the same time super blessed to finally see SHINee as 5 members. As we all know, the whole KPOP community is grieving with Jonghyun's death. I am one of those who grieved since he is my bias. Anyway, I hope he is already happy with the path he chose.


I am also blessed this year with some books. And with some, I only mean two. lol. I was really busy this year that is why I wasn't able to read a lot of books this year. But still, I manage to pull through up to two books (though I haven't really finished Playlist of the Dead). I hope next year I'll get to read more books (or even publish mine?)


Like what I said earlier, I received not only material things but also some things that are not tangible like friendship. I was so blessed with a lot of friends this year. There are friends who has been with me even before 2017 and there are friends who I just met this year. I am thankful that they stayed with me and continued our friendship until the end of this year whether I met them before or during 2017. I hope we can continue to be together in the future years.


Lastly, I am super blessed this year with my family. Finally, after years of praying, they have understood that I am sick mentally (depression) and have listened to me. Now, we became closer with each other and our bond has became tighter. I hope they will continue to be with me until the end of days. I love them so much. They will always be a blessing for me every year.

As I end this blog, I hope you readers will have a very fruitful and happy 2018! Thank you so much for reading my blogs and staying with me. It really means a lot.


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