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December 24, 2017

I'm finally back writing! I've been so busy these past days because of school, works, and extra curricular activities. I supposed to update this JBJ album way way before but I became so busy. I know it's already late but yeah, I still want to share this album to you guys.

This is the last group I'm gonna stan. I promise. JBJ. JBJ is actually formed by trainees of Produce 101 Season 2 who failed to be on the top 11. This group was first a fan-imagined group but then became a real group last October with their title track "Fantasy". The members of the group are Taehyun, Sanggyun, Hyunbin, Kenta, Donghan and Yongguk. The good thing here is they were best friends during the show so they really have this tight bond.

I got this album from my friend who went to South Korea. So I honestly, got this earlier than expected. Unfortunately, I was too late to post it here because of my other activities.

JBJ had two versions for their mini album. VOLUME I-I (Black) and VOLUME I-II (White). Although they almost had the same inclusions, the lenticular card made it more beautiful. The card turns cartoon to real them which simply shows that they were just a dream but now it's a reality.

Here are the photos of my albums:

This is what I am saying. Look at the Lenticular card. <3


This is the kind of album I always wish to have. It is not that big and not that small. They really did a great job with this album because it is simple yet appealing.

JBJ is going to have their first fanmeeting here in the Philippines on January 14, 2018 brought by All Access Productions. And if you're asking me if I'm going, well yeaaah! I won't let this chance just go. So expect some blogs about JBJ's fanmeeting! :D




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