KCON9: A Diary of a KPOP Fan and Staff

December 30, 2017

Being a KPOP fan is fun. You enjoy all the spazzing and even meet new friends. It's cool because you have things to save for like different official or unofficial merch, concerts and even events like KPOP Conventions wherein you can meet your friends and watch contests there.

Last KCON9 was my second KPOP Convention and my second time as a staff-goer in the said event. Last year, my KCON experience was fun. This year was a little bit so-so because of personal matters. But anyway, being a KPOP fan really helps me do all these things for the fanclub.

I did almost all the unofficial merch. Another thing, I was also at the ingress which makes me earlier than them. I was there at around 4:30 am because I have to bring the standee. Look how dedicated I am to my work. Sadly only few appreciate it and some even bashed me for it. Anyway, that is the life of a staff. You can't and won't please everyone. But thanks to Ferdz and Princess for helping me in the design of the booth. At least I have less to do during the ingress.

I was expecting a very long line for the KCON this year but I guess my expectations fail me. There were fewer attendees than last year. What made this year special was DAY6 Philippines has a solo booth. Another thing is that, a lot of My Days went to our booth and even consumed all our merch.

But the most incredible thing that happened is that I met my friends again and was able to roam around the event place unlike last year ANNND... I stood on stage to get the award for Wanna One (although I ain't a Wanna One PH staff) and became one of the representatives.

I am really looking forward for next year's KCON since it is going to be the 10th installment of it. At the same time, I am also hoping to be a PKCI volunteer next year so I can challenge myself even more.

Here are some of the pictures during the event:

Tiring yet fun! Hoping for KCON10! :D

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