From Dream to Reality: JBJ "Come True" in Manila

January 18, 2018

It's finally my first post for 2018! Yey!

What a good way to start 2018. I already have my first fan meeting and first media coverage for this year and it is from the famous group (which I also stan), JBJ! As I have mentioned in my previous K-Vault blogs, JBJ, same as Wanna One, also competed at Produce 101 Season 2. Our dreams finally came true.

Last January 14, 2018, I was invited by the Philippine KPop Convention, Inc. (PKCI) to be part of the media since one of their heads are busy with some events. I happily accepted this challenge again. My first challenge was during the KPOP Republic 2. JBJ's first fan meeting here in the Philippines was brought by All Access Productions.

At about 9:30am of January 14, my friend, Ms. Jay, and I went to Novotel for the press conference of JBJ. It was really a private event because only the media were able to enter the room at Novotel.

JBJ were truly handsome and their skin complexion were also great. My bias was actually Donghan but Sanggyun caught my attention. He truly looks great. His visual is no joke.

I was too busy taking pictures that I forgot to record the whole interview. Oh well, but what I remembered was they were asked with these questions, "Who were the members who went to the Philippines for the first time?", "What food do you want in the Philippines?", "What other places in the Philippines do you want to visit?", etc. Sanggyun mentioned that it was his first time visiting the Philippines while Hyunbin said he came here in the Philippines before when he was a child. He also said that he was with his family during that time.

Kenta answered the other question regarding food. He said he wanted halo-halo. He has been eating different types of food so he wanted to try it. Meanwhile, almost all of them wanted to visit Cebu.

After the press conference, we had to wait until the fan meet starts. So we stayed at Starbucks.

Meet Ate Joycie (the one beside me), Ms. Jay (the one with colored hair), and Chloe (the one at the right back). We were actually giving some freebies for the fanmeet. I was giving stickers and bookmarks.

At around 6pm, we entered the Kia Theatre.

This was my first view. Since I am a part of the media, we can roam around and sit anywhere as long as there is no ticket holder sitting there. The fanmeet was very fun as the members were so hyper and the screams and chants of the fans added more.

The whole fanmeet was a blast! I really enjoyed this fanmeet especially during the perks session. I was able to have hitouch with them, get a photo op, and also a signed poster given by Donghan himself. How I wish they will continue to promote for more than 7 months. I love JBJ and I am happy to meet them.

Here is my photo op picture with JBJ. Thank you AAP for this photo.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the fanmeeting:

I am really looking forward for their comeback and at the same time, hoping they'll extend their contract and get to see them again.


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