An ELF Story: Meeting the Lumang Tao of KPop at SS7 Manila

July 02, 2018

In life, we have to choose to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day or to celebrate each day. Let's choose to celebrate each day together! Fighting! - Happee Sy (a.k.a. Inang Reyna)

Three years ago, I saw my ultimate favorite KPOP boy group - Super Junior - at the Philippine Arena for the Best of Best KPop Concert. This 2018, they came back (FINALLY!) for the Manila leg of their Super Show 7. It has been five years since they last held their solo concert here in the Philippines (even if they promise that they will be back on SS6). Anyway, this is my story, an ELF story, a young one but part of the 'Lumang Tao of KPOP.'

June 3, 2018 - official ticket selling of SS7 Manila

I was actually sad because I thought I won't get to watch SS7 since I have no money. The money that I saved for SS7 all went to my Hong Kong trip. I'm really frustrated at the moment. But then, my friend (I won't name her anymore), told me that she'll be sponsoring my ticket first since she'll be attending too. That is how I got my ticket. Okay. End of story. Bye.

Joke. Of course, we still have to buy our tickets. We went to SM Aura to buy tickets there. Our target seat was Seated J. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get it because a lot of ELFs are buying tickets at the same time. So we ended up at VIP Seated 218 Row D. I am very thankful we got these seats because it was really near the extended stage.

Fast forward to D-DAY.

June 30, 2018 - CONCERT DAY!

If you know me personally, you will know that I want to go to the venue as early as possible. But in this concert, I was not able to do so. I have a morning class plus I have an interview (please pray for me because I want to have this part time job.) So, I arrived at the venue at about 4:30pm. I was so in a hurry because I still need to give the DAY6 Membership kits to some of the buyers. I even forgot to bring the other one because I was so in a hurry. *sad reax only*

After that, I had to get the merch that I bought online. So I have to find them. After finding them, I went to Starfish PH (Donghae's PH Fanclub) to get the banners that I will be distributing at the event. I was not a staff but I volunteered to give it.

After all those happenings, we got to line up (tbh, it was a very loooooong line). At about 7:15 or 7:30 we were already inside the venue and started distributing the banners. As I was distributing the banners, I met some of my old KPOP friends and old schoolmates, which we lost contact years ago. It was really a reunion of the Lumang Tao of KPOP. I also saw the head admins of SJUPH and the individual fanclub heads. That is when I started remembering my start as a KPOP fan. I felt nostalgic, well let's include the songs playing at background were old Super Junior songs.

At 8pm, the concert started with a VCR. And then they started performing their new songs like Black Suit, Lo Siento, and other more. To be very honest, a lot of fans may get mad at me, but I'm really not familiar with Super Junior's latest songs. I only know their title tracks. I have been busy with life. #ADULTING

But I still manage to watch their music videos.

You know what's freaking cool in this concert? It's the lightstick. As you all know, we do not have lightsticks before. We usually use balloons. But since we have this official lightstick, the blue ocean was better.

Wondering why the color in the picture was green? Me too. I'm wondering. Just kidding. The lightsticks are connected to a bluetooth controller so that the lights will change. Plus, it will operate according to the instruction of the controller. WELL THIS MADE ME GONE MAD. HHAAHAHA.

I honestly thought there was something wrong with my lightstick so I just hid it. But then, when the concert was starting, colors started to change and that's when I realized they were controlling it. Sorry but I'm really new to this lightstick controlling thingy. But based on the tweets I read, I know I'm not the only one. HAHAHAHAHA

The most memorable part of the concert was during Leeteuk's solo segment. He was reading a letter for ELFs. It made me cry. It made everyone cry. So this is how the letter goes,

"It's been 14 years. The childish young lady becomes a college student, someone's love, or a child's mother. In every moment, let's enjoy more memories together. - Leeteuk"

Everyone was getting emotional during this segment. Well, it's true. Time passes by so fast. I was once a highschool student who was actively spazzing about them but here I am now, a grown up one who struggles with this adulting period. That's the moment when I wished I could go back to the past and just stay there. Those were the happy moments.

When everyone was being emotional, here comes this crazy Heechul shouting, "I love Pacquiao!" Manny Pacquiao was actually watching the concert together with his family. Pia Wurtzback was also there and he even had a picture with Siwon. Omygosh! We ship them!

The concert continued until it reached the end and we needed to say goodbye. To be very honest with everyone, I was a bit disappointed with the concert. Maybe I expected too much. There were less fan services and less solo segments. Only full of videos (which gives us some hints that they want to settle already.) Maybe because they were only few that's why they only have less segments. But they promised that they will be back for SS8 together with Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. Although they have no decision for that, I just really hope they will be back for SS8. This time, I will be more prepared for them and will just focus on them.

Thank you Super Junior for making my 2018 happy, not only 2018, but my whole KPOP years. I will miss you so I hope you could come back soon (just make sure I have money lol).

Here are some of my photos during the concert:

More photos are uploaded at my facebook page. So make sure to check it out.

Before I end this blog-slash-diary post, I have to put this one.

Please excuse my haggard face. I was really tired. HAHA. By the way, thank you Moshii Kshop for the shirt. 'Til next concert/fanmeet (ehem Sungjae lol)






SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR “SUPER SHOW 7” IN MANILA, happened last June 30, 2018 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Presented to you by S.M. Entertainment, Label SJ, Dream Maker Entertainment, Globe, and PULP Live World.

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