Our Adventure at Happy Hallyu Day 2

September 13, 2018

I'm back with another blog about Hallyu Events here in the Philippines. This time, it is all about the Happy Hallyu Day 2 that happened last Sept. 9, 2018 at the SM North Edsa Skydome. This event is brought to the fans by Philippine KPop Convention, Inc. (PKCI) in partnership with KOFICE. In this event, I was a photographer-slash-volunteer.

This Happy Hallyu Day 2 was really fun although I really felt very tired after the event. I even lost my voice and was not able to speak well for a couple of days. Well, that's how excited and happy I am to attend this event. I am really looking forward for more KPOP events.

I was actually at the venue at around 3am because that was our calltime. But we just waited for the prod team to finish setting up the stage before we start fixing other stuff. So before the start of the event, I was asleep. lol. But around 7am I started doing my assigned task.

READ: Happy Hallyu Day

This is the second Happy Hallyu Day to be held in the Philippines. I was also able to attend the first Happy Hallyu Day last 2016. Who would have thought that time flew so fast? It's already 2018 and I am still a K-Pop fan/ fanclub volunteer.

This time, I am the official photographer of the event so I was able to watch the programs and roam around the venue. Unlike before, I was assigned at the entrance so I was not able to see the performances of the cover groups or even some of the talks. It's fun to be the photographer. You get to see different reactions and interactions of every fan. Although there were fewer attendees this year, this event was still successful.

There were a lot of games and giveaways in this event. I can clearly see the happiness in their faces. One good thing about this event is that it encourages fans to get to know other fans even if they are not on the same fandom.

One of the cutest things I saw in this event was the energy of PH Arohas (ASTRO fandom). They are so active with their fanclub and even gathered together to have their group photo. I am so proud of this fandom! They are very supportive with their PH fanbase. How I wish all fans were like them.

On this event, Ms. Belle Yambao (of Sparkling Magazine) had a talk about some of the places people should visit when coming to Korea. Also, the K-beauty vlogger, Ms. Raych Ramos, also had a talk about Korean Skin Care. I was really inspired to what they are doing and they look so happy too. I know a lot of fans learned from their talks.

Of course, the event won't be complete without the Open Stage. The winners for this Open Stage will be the front acts for this year's KPOPCON X. This is going to be very special since it is the 10th Year Anniversary of the KPOP Convention here in the Philippines.

The contestants were really good. Although I am looking for more K-Singers. Most of the Open Stage performances were dance covers. But they were really good. Like what one of the judges (Ate Cami) said, cover groups nowadays really pay attention to every detail. They really put effort not only on the choreography but also with their costumes. And that already is a big achievement for all the cover groups.

The event successfully ended, and of course, we need to have our group photo. Never mind our haggard faces. We know we did our best for this event and we are really looking forward for more events! Lezzgo KCON X!

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