My Top 8 Favorite KPOP Songwriters

April 10, 2020

As I was browsing my Twitter account, I saw this #SongwritersDay hashtag and saw that a lot of fans have been sharing their favorite songwriters. I did a little bit of a research about the Songwriters' Day. This event is actually celebrated every April 9 because the earliest recording of a human voice ever recorded was on April 9, 1860.

As a fan, I also want to say thanks and promote my favorite KPOP songwriters. So in this blog post, I have listed my top 9 in no particular order.


I knew Zico before as a member of the KPOP group, Block B. But it was only recently when I started appreciating Zico. It was during the time he made a song for Wanna One's sub-unit Triple Position entitled Kangaroo. I first heard it live when I attended Wanna One's concert in Malaysia. The song continued to play in my head and became one of my favorite Wanna One song.

Aside from this, Zico has produced more songs for different artists like Super Junior's 2YA2YAO, Song Mino's Fear, and Kim Sejong's Flower Way to name some. Zico recently had his comeback with the song "Any Song".


Although DAY6's songs were a collaboration of all the members, Young K is known to be the lyricist of the group as seen on their tracklist teasers. It's actually difficult to choose my favorite songs from the songs he has written because everything is beautiful. But the songs that have always been on my playlist were Colors and Marathon.

But aside from writing those beautiful DAY6 songs, Young K has also written songs for other artists like GOT7's Beggin' On My Knees, 15& Jimin's Answer, and UP10TION's Stuck on You.


Lee Chanhyuk is known to be part of the duo Akdong Musician. Ever since they joined KPOPSTAR Season 2, I have been hooked with their performances. Not only because they perform covers well but also they have showcased their beautiful songs like "Give Love" which was written and composed by Chanhyuk.

Chanhyuk was the person in charge of writing songs for their albums. He recently has been discharged from the military and had a comeback with the song "How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You're the One I Love". I even made a cover of this song.


I love Jinyoung even before but I loved him even more when he has written songs for Produce 101 Season 1. His composed song "In The Same Place" won first place in the evaluation on an episode in Produce 101 Season 1. It's really very catching to the ears and I would really love to listen to it every time. He also gave a gift to the contestants by writing another song "When the Cherry Blossoms Fade". Not only that, Jinyoung became a part of IOI's debut album by writing the song "Hold Up".


Hui, member of the KPOP group Pentagon, is also one of the most active songwriter out there. I actually got interested with him during Produce 101 Season 2 where he, along with Hyuna and E-Dawn (known as the Triple H), composed a song for the trainees entitled "Never". It's actually my favorite evaluation song. But aside from that, Hui also has written Wanna One's debut song, "Energetic."


Aside from being the most loved female solo artist and actress, IU has also been proving that she can write songs. Throughout her career, she has been credited for more than 50 songs including collaboration songs. Three of my most favorite songs that she has composed are Love Poem, Palette and Peach (which she wrote for Sulli).


I knew Ye Eun as a member of Wonder Girls. I started to like her during Dream High 2 when I knew that she has written the song "Hello to Myself". It is one of my most favorite Dream High OST because somehow I can relate to it.

But aside from that she has also written and composed songs for Wonder Girls. Today, she is promoting as a solo artist under the name of HA:TFELT.


Of course, the Queen of SM Entertainment, BoA is also part of my list. Aside from being a singer, BoA has been composing her own songs. In her Woman album, it was reported that BoA has participated in all 9 tracks. My favorite song that she has composed is "Only One".

These are just some of the songwriters that I have listed. But there are actually a lot of KPOP songwriters nowadays and their songs are definitely good. How about you? Who's your favorite KPOP songwriters, which song is your favorite, and why? Share to me!

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