My Top 10 Favorite KPOP Groups

August 23, 2020

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I'm doing a blog series about my fangirl life for the past 10 years. I have already shared to you how I started my fangirling life, my favorite KPOP songs, my favorite KPOP MVs, and my male and female biases. And to end with the blog series (KPOP part, oh yes, I will still talk about other sides like KDrama, culture, etc.), I will be sharing my top 10 favorite KPOP Groups.

A lot of you know that I am a multi-fandom person. I love a lot of groups. But some of them, I'm just a lowkey fan. But the groups that I'll be mentioning here are the groups that I am so vocal about.

Super Junior

Super Junior is my ultimate group. They are the reason why I am into KPOP and the reason why I continue to be. Although I am not that active anymore in the fandom, they will continue to reign as my number 1 KPOP group. I am very much willing to pay money to attend their concerts. And also, I am still hoping that one day, I'll get to see them be reunited as a whole.


GOT7 is the first non-SM group that I stanned. I was really loyal to SM groups when I started in KPOP. Well, I honestly thought they were the only groups. But, I'm wrong. When I got to watch Dream High, I started knowing JYP Entertainment. I knew GOT7 because of JJ Project (Jinyoung and JB duo). Eventually, they re-debut under GOT7. Reason why I still love them is because they are so kind. Also, my bias, Mark, wasn't snob. He really smiled before during our hitouch in their first fan meeting here in the Philippines.


DAY6 wasn't my first Korean band (it was C.N Blue). But DAY6 is the band where I really stayed for the longest time. I suffered a lot of pain while stanning DAY6 but even if those bad memories happened to me, I remained a fan of DAY6 because I really love their music. Their music is one of a kind. I really love most of their songs.

Wanna One

My love for Wanna One is so big that I even flew to Malaysia to watch their concert. I saw them three times already and if given the chance, I want to see them again. As you all know, they are just a project group and they have disbanded already. But even if they have disbanded, I will continue to remember them forever.


The second project boy group I stanned, JBJ. They are actually composed of some of my fave trainees in Produce 101 that's why I was so happy when their companies agree to debut them together. They only have short period of promotion and I am happy that they got to visit the Philippines, and I managed to see them live.


What happened to X1 will be one of the most painful things in my KPOP fangirl life. I was really planning to dedicated my whole 5 years to them. Unfortunately, they had to disband with only one release because of the issue. ONE ITs, continued fighting for a possible re-debut. But at the end, the members debuted on their own groups. But even for just a very short period, they gave me a great impact. Maybe because I love all of them in Produce X 101. I just hope the members will be happy and safe where they are now.

Girls' Generation

Like what I have mentioned before, I was a solid SM stan. And because Girls' Generation is in SM, they are the first girl group I stanned. I only got to see them once (except for Taeyeon and Hyoyeon) and they weren't complete at that time. Jessica already left. It was really heart breaking for me. But I have to move on and just support the members. Right now, I'm still waiting for a comeback. Come on SM, give us the comeback we deserve.


Fun fact: I cried during Twicelights in Manila. Oh, and I also cried when they debuted. Is it weird? I don't think so. I really waited for the girls to make their debut (actually, I was waiting for 6mix). But because things didn't happen as planned, they had to undergo a reality show, SIXTEEN, and compete for their positions. And because of these things, I really loved them that's why I cried when I saw them live.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is one of the best girl groups out there. They don't just simply stick on one concept every comeback. They can sing in different style. Plus, their visuals are no joke. I have seen them twice already and I am still amazed with their visuals. I am also happy when I got an all-member signed album. I'm gonna share it to you in the next few weeks.


IOI is the first ever project group that I really stanned. They are the first group made through Produce 101. Although I didn't get to see them live, I am happy that somehow, I already saw some members. I am still waiting for a reunion, although I don't know if it will still happen. They were reportedly preparing for a reunion, but there came some issues.

So here's the list of my top 10 favorite KPOP groups. I love a lot of groups but there groups are the groups that really left a great impact to me. Some of them are already disbanded, but my heart is still with them. How about you, who are your favorite groups?

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