My Top 10 Favorite KPOP Songs

August 04, 2020

To start my blog series about my fangirl life, I decided to share my top 10 favorite KPOP songs. To be very honest, it's quite hard to choose only 10 songs because I have a lot of favorite songs and I also love a lot of groups and solo artists. There are many KPOP songs that hit me and made me experience LSS.

The list that I will be showing you here is not in order because I really find it hard to arrange them. So if you haven't heard some of these songs, make sure to listen to them too.

Super Junior - Sapphire Blue

I heard this song in their Super Show 2 concert. No, not live. I saw it during on their DVD. I actually do not know how this song ended up with Sapphire Blue as the title. I haven't searched much information about this. But the reason why I really love this song is because of the melody. It has an attractive melody which makes me want to listen to it over and over again.

I'm hoping that Super Junior will also perform this song on their future concerts because I really want to listen to it live. I'll probably cry if I hear it live.

DAY6 - Colors

Colors is part of DAY6's first mini-album, "The Day". DAY6 has a lot of good songs or should I say, they don't have any bad song? In fact I had a hard time choosing, is Colors my favorite DAY6 song or Marathon? Although Marathon has been hitting me hard because of its lyrics, Colors remain superior to my heart. I may not be an intellect when it comes to love but this song made me feel like I have fallen in love and also broke my heart. That's how good this song is. It will make you feel like you have experienced everything.

GOT7 - The Star

This GOT7 song is just so irresistible. It is part of GOT7's Mad Winter Edition and was written by Jinyoung. And my favorite part here is Jackson's part in the chorus part. His voice really matches the song. One of the reasons why I love this song is because the title has something related with star. Th lyrics were also good. It makes me want to write a short story about it.

Whenever I hear this song, I remember the time I was so active in the fandom. I may not be as active as before, but through this song, I'll be able to remember the feeling.

AKMU - Little Star

AKMU is one of my favorite singers there. In fact, I love their first album so much that I can listen to it alone for the whole week and not get tired of it. Just like what I have mentioned earlier, I am also attracted whenever the song is related with a star because maybe of dreams? Love? When I first heard this song, I immediately loved it and searched for the lyrics.

ITZY - Wannabe

I never thought I would actually like this song. When I first heard it, I can't stop listening to it. I might have listened to this song for a hundred times already. Aside from the great and inspirational lyrics, the melody of this song attracted me the most. It's a different style from ITZY's other songs.

15& - Star

Another star related song. Just in case you didn't know, 15& is a duo from JYP Entertainment. It's just too sad that they aren't really promoted well. Their vocals are so good. This song was the song I practiced to sing during any auditions. This song makes me believe that I am star.

Wanna One - Always

Whether it's a Wanna One version or Produce 101 version, I love this song. It makes me want to cry every time I hear this song. I don't know why but this song will always have a special place in my heart. It will always be one of my favorites. To be honest, I have a lot of fave songs from Wanna One. But this is my most favorite.

IOI - Downpour

This is the last song IOI had before they disbanded. This is the their farewell song. And that's why it's the most memorable. "It's all right. It's just a passing downpour". I also love Produce 101's version of this song. Whenever I hear it, it gives me goosebumps and be a bit teary because I miss my Produce babies.

IU - Good Day

Well, who wouldn't know this song? This is the second IU song that I tried singing. And this is the hardest song, especially in the last part. IU is such a great singer. She hits every note without difficulty. This is the song I badly want to sing during auditions. But I can't practice this song well without making my voice loud.

Jeong Jin Woon - You Walking Toward Me

I first heard this in Dream High 2 and when I searched this, it is his real song. Not just an OST of the drama. And guess what, I managed to hear this LIVE! When I went to South Korea for the ACH Invitation Program, we saw him perform this song at the Cheongwadae Sarangchae. He was still in the military at that time and he joined the military band that's why we saw him perform. Whenever I hear this song, I will remember that special moment.

I don't know if these songs will remain as my top 10 in the future because KPOP artists nowadays releases great music too. But for the past 10 years of my KPOP life, these are the songs that gave a big impact on me. How about you? What are your favorite songs?

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