My Top 10 Favorite KPOP Male Idols

August 07, 2020

If you have read my previous blogs, you will definitely know that I am a multi-fandom person. Meaning, I stan a lot of KPOP groups. In each group, of course, I have my own bias (or favorite member in the group). Although there are times I find it hard to choose one.

But in this blog post, I'll be listing my top 10 biases or favorite male idols. Note, I still have other biases in other groups but these are just the idols that reached my top 10 list. As much as possible, I try to just choose one member per group because if not, I'll probably end up just ranking the members of Super Junior.

Super Junior Lee Donghae

Of all my biases, Donghae is my ultimate bias. I can't really consider him as my first bias because Ki Bum was my first bias in Super Junior. But because Ki Bum was inactive with Super Junior before, Donghae became my bias. And up until now, he is still my bias in Super Junior.

The reason why he became my bias is because he has the visuals, he can dance, he can sing, and most especially he loves his friends and family so much. Every time I see him during concerts, I can't help but just stare at him and appreciate everything about him. He may be 10 years older than me but he will always have a special place in my heart.

GOT7 Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan is probably the main reason why I started writing fan fictions in Wattpad and also do some fan arts. My story has reached 700k+ views and my fan arts have reached his family too. I was a JJB-biased when I first met GOT7. But, I ended up liking Mark especially during A era and feel in love with him more on Fly. He has this cute poodle hair.

Up until now, he is my bias in GOT7. I have only seen him once and that was during their first fan meeting here in the Philippines (no, not the KCON event). I was not able to attend their first concert here in Manila because I was at Korea for the ACH Invitation Program that time. I hope I can see him again soon for a concert. I badly miss him.

DAY6 Young K

Okay. Here's a confession I had to make. When I first became a fan of DAY6, he was my least member. I don't know why. Maybe because visually speaking, he's thin before? Or I don't know. But when they started their project EVERYDAY6, I suddenly had a change of heart. During I'm Serious era, that's when I gave up and proclaimed that Young K is now my bias.

Young K is an almost perfect idol out there. He can sing, play instrument, write and compose song, dance, act, plus he is also handsome. What more can you ask, right?

Wanna One Lai Kuan Lin

I started liking Lai Kuan Lin during the Boy in Luv performance during Produce 101. Actually, I didn't notice him during the audition process. The main reason why I got attracted with him was because he looks so handsome with his hair brushed up. He may still be a baby boy during Produce 101, but I already like him.

When he became a member of Wanna One, I supported him so much even if he was a bit snob during our hitouch session on their fan meeting in Manila. Now, he is busy with his acting gigs. I supported him on his first drama, "Little Thing Called First Love" and I will surely support him on his next, "Don't Disturb my Studies."

NCT Dream Jaemin

Main reason why Jaemin is my bias in NCT Dream, it's because of his smile. Yes. He got me with that smile. When they released Chewing Gum, I was waiting for Jisung and Jeno (my mini EunHae). But I ended up being a Jaemin-biased.

I first saw Jaemin during the free concert here. I even got the chance to attend the press conference as a media. And the happiest part here was, he looked at my camera. Other members were looking at the other side but he directly looked at my camera and smiled. I was about to die at that moment. Seriously.

Before the lockdown happened, NCT Dream had a concert here in Manila. And luckily, I also got to attend it. I was not really planning on attending the event. But I ended up attending because of a friend. I'm just so happy to see him once again.

NU'EST Minhyun

I've seen Minhyun a lot of times during his activities with Wanna One. And I have only seen him once with NU'EST. It wasn't during their concert in Manila but it was during our Korea visit when we attended a music show. They were performing there. The reason why I didn't go to their Manila concert was because I felt burned out. I was too tired with school, part-time works, and life in general. So I just decided to skip watching them and rested first.

I was a bit disappointed with myself for doing that. But, I'm just so happy that at that same year, I got to see him perform with NU'EST in Music Bank. Minhyun is really a kind person. And I am just so thankful that I met him.

X1 Kim Wooseok

Love Shot. That was the performance that made me stan Kim Wooseok. I actually had a hard time choosing my favorite in Produce X 101. But, Wooseok just came perfectly. And yes, up until the end, Wooseok is my bias.

I was so happy when I went to South Korea and visited Swing Entertainment. They were not there because they had a schedule but, I was able to celebrate his birthday (it may be a little late) there. There were a lot of banners for him at the cafe beside Swing.

JBJ Kim Donghan (future WEi)

Donghan is one of the first Produce 101 trainee that I liked. That's why I was a bit disappointed when he didn't even reach the finals. But good thing, he debuted under JBJ. I am also so thankful that they visited the Philippines for a fan meeting even if they only have a short promotion period.

I am excited for his debut under WEi, wherein he will be with X1 Yohan. I'll probably be stanning this group too. We'll see.

Lee Jun Young

To be honest, I wasn't a UKISS fan. I didn't even know he was a part of the group. I just recently became a fan of Jun when I watched his drama "Class of Lies". And then, he became a solo artist and released his song Curious About U. I liked the song so much and I will continue to support him on his future comebacks and dramas.

BTOB Ilhoon

I became a fan of BTOB when I got to watch them at the Best of Best Concert 2015. During that time, I only know Sungjae. He was wearing shades at that time so I didn't really recognize his face. I ended up being a Minhyuk biased. But while I was watching their past MVs and reality shows, I ended up liking him the most.

So here are my top 10 favorite male idols. I am not quite sure if this will change (probably yes) in the future. But as of writing, these are the idols that made in my list. How about you guys? Who are your biases?

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