Fangirl Diary: GOT7 1st Fanmeeting in the Philippines

November 16, 2015

November 14, 2015 will always be a memorable date for me because for the first time, I was fortunate enough to see the lovely boys of GOT7. Not only see them but also have hi-touch with them. GOT7 is one of my favorite KPOP groups who gives me different kinds of feels.
Being a fangirl isn't an easy thing. You need to have a lot of courage to face all the feels, physical strength to join other fans in screaming and spazzing over them, and also a lot of money in order to buy their merchandises and concert tickets.

August 30, 2015: Pre-Selling Day

All Access Production has announced on their Facebook group that there will be a pre-selling of tickets on GOT7 1st Fanmeeting in the Philippines. They also said that the first 400 SVIP ticket buyers will have perks either Photo Op or Hi-touch. So, my friends and I went there as early as possible. (I met them on Facebook)
After hours of lining up, we finally got our tickets with Hi-touch as our perks! I am veryt thankful for Ate Riggie because she was the one who gave me the sequence number, and yes, we became part of the first 400 SVIP who will have perks. Although I wanted a photo op, I still go with Hi-touch because all my friends will be there.
Days have passed and the said event has come.

November 14, 2015: GOT7 1st Fanmeeting in the Philippines

I was at the event location at around 11AM so that I can get some freebies from fansites. Not only that, I also had time to meet my Facebook friends and lined up together for the strapping of our perks.
When the clocked ticked at 8pm, the lights were turned off and the event started.
GOT7 playing Musical Chairs with lucky fans. Huhu. I'm jealous.


And after all the games and performances, the hitouch and the photo op started. Too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures while having the hitouch event.
During the hitouch event, I was so nervous. Bambam was the first one. I smiled at him and said, "Please do come back." Then he smiled and nodded at me. "Yes. Yes. We will." he said. Then he held my hand. ASDFGHJKL!
The next one was Yugyeom. I only had the chance to tap his hand. I was looking at him and he just smiled.
Jackson was next. And he literally looks like a manequin. He just smiled at me and tapped my hands.
Beside him was JB. I was expecting a lot from him but we just tapped our hands. And I guess he wasn't even looking at him. Huhu. My poor heart.
The next one was Mark. MARK is my ultimate bias. And he didn't fail me. He squished my hands. I had eye contact with him, plus he winked at me. HE WINKED AT ME. asdfghjkl. He will be my bias forever!
Youngjae smiled widely at me. He got into an accident earlier on stage but still he managed to smile at the fans.
The last one was Jr. And from my opinion he is the most handsome (even if my Mark is my bias). His smiled was so precious. He definitely is like a prince charming.
I am sorry for the low quality of the pictures. Next time, I'll buy a better camera to cover the highlights of my life.
I would like to thank AAP for bringing the boys here, GOT7 Philippines and GOT7 Support PH for being so active and supportive to the boys as always, to all IGOT7s, to all my friends who also came here, to my family, and to GOT7 of course!
It was truly a night to remember. A lot of things happened. It may not be the best event but still it is a memorable one. GOT7 confirmed that they will be having their solo concert soon. So I am looking forward for that. Hoping that Philippines will be one of their stops. #IponingMode

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  1. Yay! Finally found a blogger who likes got7 too! Same feels!! I'm a Mark bias too but Junior's smile is really 😍

  2. Hi there fellow blogger-slash-IGOT7-slash-Mark biased! HAHA^^ Well, Junior is such a bias-wrecker. Actually. ALL OF THEM! Thank you for checking my blog. I'll visit your blog too and maybe...we can meet soon. :)


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