Lovely Runner Filming Locations

May 31, 2024

Let's visit the filming locations of Lovely Runner

I have been so addicted with Lovely Runner. It's the KDrama that made me want for Monday and Tuesday to come. Because the story is just a cute one (I'll make a full review of this soon), it made me somehow remove from the stress of life.

Since I am on my vacation right now, I decided to visit the filming locations of Lovely Runner in Suwon and Seoul. There are still a lot of filming location I have to go to but for now, these are the places I have been to.


Suwon is just an hour away from Seoul and you can choose to ride the subway, bus or the train. I chose to ride the subway since the station is just near my accommodation.

Ryu Sunjae's House
πŸ“ In front of Mongted
πŸ—Ί️ κ²½κΈ° μˆ˜μ›μ‹œ νŒ”λ‹¬κ΅¬ ν™”μ„œλ¬Έλ‘œ48번길 13

Im Sol's House
πŸ“ Mongted
πŸ—Ί️ κ²½κΈ° μˆ˜μ›μ‹œ νŒ”λ‹¬κ΅¬ ν™”μ„œλ¬Έλ‘œ48번길 14 1μΈ΅

Mongted is actually a cafe. But since I went there early, the cafe was still close so I wasn't able to get a drink there. The first floor of this area (if I'm not mistaken) is a nail salon. Then the Mongted Cafe is on the second floor. Then the third floor is a private area.

πŸ“ Sinpung-ro45 Beon-gil
πŸ—Ί️ κ²½κΈ° μˆ˜μ›μ‹œ νŒ”λ‹¬κ΅¬ 신풍동

Just a few steps from Sunjae's and Im Sol's houses, you can see a road with these paintings. This is where Im Sol and Sunjae always walk together.

πŸ—Ί️ Gyeonggi Jangan-gu, Suwon-si Yeonmu-dong 160-51

I don't actually know what the exact name of this place is but this is the place where Sunjae ran so fast to follow the bus. It is also the place where Sol accidentally put her fingers on Sunjae's nostrils.

πŸ“ Hwahongmun Gate
πŸ—Ί️ κ²½κΈ° μˆ˜μ›μ‹œ νŒ”λ‹¬κ΅¬ λΆμˆ˜λ™

I was actually planning on going down to that exact location where they shot the scene but there were some people walking there so I decided to just take a selfie here. As a shy person, I don't think I can take a picture there while people are staring at me.

πŸ—Ί️ Gyeonggi-do Suwon-si Paldal-gu Hwaseomun-ro 32beon-gil 13

I randomly just passed by this place and I realized it was this scene. There were some ahjussi on the other side that's why I decided to just take a selfie on this place.

πŸ“ Hwahong Mart
πŸ—Ί️ κ²½κΈ° μˆ˜μ›μ‹œ νŒ”λ‹¬κ΅¬ μ •μ‘°λ‘œ886번길 21

Of course, the iconic Im Geum and Sunjae interaction. I passed by this place from their houses going to the Hwahongmun Gate.


The restaurant of Sunjae' dad
πŸ“ Soegojip
πŸ—Ί️ μ„œμšΈ μ’…λ‘œκ΅¬ 인사동3κΈΈ 5-2

This place is just in Insadong so it's easy to go to. I was actually expecting the place to be a little bit bigger. But it was smaller than expected. I did not expect the roads there were narrow. Truly cameras can make a place look big.

πŸ“ Namdo Korean Snack Ikseon Branch
πŸ—Ί️ μ„œμšΈ μ’…λ‘œκ΅¬ μˆ˜ν‘œλ‘œ28κΈΈ 33

I wanted to eat here. But then the food portion is big, I can’t eat it alone. So I just took a photo outside. If I happen to go here again, I'll make sure to try this place.

Mini Vlog

@annyeongruth I visited some Lovely Runner Filming Locations in Suwon and Seoul. #kdrama #lovelyrunner #μ„ μž¬μ—…κ³ νŠ€μ–΄ #kdramafilminglocation ♬ Run Run - ECLIPSE

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