Lovely Runner Pop-Up Store in Seoul

June 04, 2024

Lovely Runner opened a pop-up store in Seoul

Due to the intense popularity of Lovely Runner locally and internationally. tvN announced that they will be having a pop-up store for Lovely Runner.

I was blessed enough that the time the schedule of the pop-up store is the same time I'm going to Seoul. Meaning, I no longer have to go back to Seoul again for this. Since I decided to go on the first day of the pop-up event, I allotted the whole day for this because for sure a lot of people will go.

Lovely Runner Pop-Up Store in Seoul Experience

The pop-up store was held at the B2 of The Hyundai Seoul. Queueing for this pop-up starts at 9am-10:30am but there were a lot of people lining up already as early as midnight. Most of the people lining up at that time are people selling items in Yangdo or Assistance. There were some fans who lined up early too.

This is one of the times I felt tired as a fangirl. I arrived at the queuing site at around 8am and the line was already long. When the queueing started, I got a 652 queue.

I thought that it will be the same with SEVENTEEN. When I went to the Artist-Made Collection by SEVENTEEN Season 2, I got a queue of 500+ but was able to enter the pop-up store by 12:30pm. But in this case, I was able to enter by 6pm.

While waiting, I decided to just take photos of the outside of the pop-up store.

They really made it look like Im Sol's house in the outside. It's really so cute. But I wasn't able to take good photos because there were a lot of people in the surrounding. The staff were also asking us not to stay on the place because it's so narrow and a lot of people are passing by which may cause danger.

But I just continued on walking and take pictures when I can.

I even met my former boss, Ms. Kring, at the venue. She was planning to go to this pop-up as well but she lined up at the wrong line so she wasn't able to get a queue number. So she just asked me to buy for her which will be given away to her followers.

What's inside the pop-up store?

After waiting for hours, I was able to enter the pop-up store. Before entering, I already knew that the item I was supposed to buy is already sold out. But the items that Ms. Kring asked me to buy are still available. So, those were just my goals.

When you enter, they will give you a random banner. You will either get Im Sol or Sunjae. For me, I got Sunjae's banner.

When I entered the pop-up store, it's really just small that's why it took so long for people to enter. But even if it was small, you can still feel that they put an effort to it. They made the inside of the pop-up store like Im Sol's room. It was full of merch. It made me miss my room in the Philippines.

Here are some photos of the Pop-Up Store:

You can see the merch first before buying it. Once you are able to take photos and videos with these, you can line up to order. They will also give you a paper where you can mark the items you will buy.

Once you reach 50,000 krw, you will receive a random photocard.

To be honest, I got emotionally and physically tired from this pop-up. Making me sometimes question my decisions in life. But still, I'm still happy that I was able to help other people.

They will also be having a Busan pop-up store. To be honest, while writing this now, I don't want to go to the pop-up store anymore since I feel so tired already. But because some of my friends are asking me to buy them some items, I might just go. Let's see what will my experience be in the Busan pop-up.

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