Jeonghan and Wonwoo This Man Pop-Up Store

June 29, 2024

Have you seen 'This Man'?

SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and Wonwoo had their first ever single album "This Man" which was released June 17, 2024. In line with their release, Withmuu opened a pop-up store with their merch.

I was so happy because it coincided with my visit in Seoul for Super Junior's Spin-off and DAY6 I Need My Day (I'll be writing a separate blog post about these events). So, before going to Super Junior's concert, I went to the pop-up store first.

Jeonghan x Wonwoo This Man Pop-Up

I arrived at around 8am at the venue where this pop-up was held. There was a long line already when I arrived. But thankfully, I got less than 200 in the queue. This was my shortest queue ever in a pop-up store line up.

While waiting for me to enter, I met an international Carat who happened to be visiting Korea. Her name is Isabel. So, I wasn't that bored while waiting because we were talking with each other.

After waiting for an hour, I was able to enter the pop-up store. But I was a bit disappointed because there were no more stocks of the things I planned to buy. Most of the things I wanted to buy were sold-out for the day already.

Even the KCarats were mad already because there were only few stocks and knowing it's just an hour since the pop-up opened.

Even though I was not planning on buying other stuff, I ended up buying because I already lined up. So, I should have something in return.

Also, there was a wall there where we can write messages. I wasn't able to take a photo of it but I wrote "캐럿랜드 마나자 - 루스" which means "Let's meet on Caratland". Which will really be happening! That is another story to make.

Mini Vlog

@annyeongruth I got to visit Jeonghan x Wonwoo This Man Pop-Up store in Seoul! Was not able to buy my desired item but at least I got to visit it. #kpop #seventeen #jeonghan #wonwoo #thisman #jeonghanwonwoo ♬ Last night (Guitar by Park Juwon) - JxW

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