Doraemon Exhibit in Busan

June 14, 2024

Welcome to the world of Doraemon

When I was a child, I have always been seeing Doraemon on my television. Although I'll be honest, I can no longer remember the whole story. But whenever I see Doraemon, I remember my childhood. Never did I imagine I'll get to visit a Doraemon Exhibit here in South Korea.

Doraemon Exhibit in Busan Details

If you're a fan of Doraemon and is planning to visit Busan this year then you might want to try visiting this exhibit.

🎪 Doraemon Exhibit in Busan
🗓  May 1 - Nov 3, 2024
⏰ 11am - 7:30pm
📍   P.ARK
🎫 Adult 18,000 krw
      Child 15,000 krw

You can buy your tickets through Interpark. I think they also accept walk-ins.

What's inside the exhibit?

The exhibit has different sections wherein you can see different places Doraemon and Nobita went. At the end of every section, you will get a stamp if you took a photo on the photo spots indicated. Once you got all the stamps, you can have a freebie at the end.

Here are some other photos of the exhibit:

I was able to go here in this exhibit because of some of my newly found Filipino friends. They were the one who told me about this exhibit. And since they are coming here to Busan, I also met them.

Mini Vlog

@annyeongruth Fan of Doraemon and is planning to visit Busan? Then, make sure to visit this exhibit! 🎪 Doraemon Exhibit in Busan 🗓️ May 1 - Nov 3, 2024 ⏰ 11am - 7:30pm 📍 P.ARK 🎫 Adult 18,000 krw       Child 15,000 krw Take a lot of cute photos! #korea #travelkorea #doraemon #busan #visitkorea ♬ 好可爱的宝宝 - 如期而至

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