Lovely Runner Pop-Up Store in Busan

June 13, 2024

Lovely Runner Opened a Pop-Up Store in Busan

If you have been reading this blog, or following me on my social media, you will know that I visited Lovely Runner's Pop-Up Store in Seoul during its first day of opening. Because of too much people who visited the pop-up store, a lot of the items got sold out immediately and eventually some fans were not able to enter even if the queued early.

With this, Withmuu, the main handler of the merchandise, posted on their Twitter account (now called X) that they will be opening a pop-up store in Busan as well as online sales. Since I am living in Busan, plus my friends wanted to visit it too, I decided to visit the pop-up store again.

Lovely Runner Pop-Up Store in Busan Experience

Compared to my experience in Seoul, the Busan one was much better. First, because I have a friend who is with me. So, it's not boring to wait while queueing. Second, my queue was much better than in Seoul. I arrived almost the same time in Seoul but in Busan I got a queue of 390+, half of my queue in Seoul. I was able to enter around 3pm. And lastly, the place was much bigger so it's easier to even wait outside.

Plus, I was able to have a decent photo outside the pop-up store.

Difference between the Seoul and Busan Pop-Ups

There wasn't much of a difference between the two pop-ups. The set-up was almost the same. The thing that I noticed though was they already put a clear shelf outside the pop-up store so that people can see the merch already.

There were no shelf like this in Seoul mainly because the space was small. But I like the fact that they placed this here.

Just like in Seoul, you will also receive this banner if you visit the pop-up store. I was so happy that this time, I got Im Sol's banner. So now, I have both Sunjae and Im Sol.

For the inside of the pop-up store, the set-up was almost the same. It still looks like Im Sol's room. But probably much livelier?

I'm not quite sure if I didn't notice it in Seoul, but here in Busan I think they placed more photos which made this area a little bit more livelier.

These merch that I bought were not actually mine. Some of my friends just asked me to buy for them. I was actually planning on buying the eco bag since I really wanted it. But I stopped myself from spending money because I still need to pay for my dormitory this month.

Mini Vlog

@annyeongruth The Lovely Runner hype is not yet over! I visited the pop-up store again in Busan. Lined up at around 7:48am, got a 390+ queue, was able to enter around 3pm. #kdrama #lovelyrunner #선재업고튀어 ♬ Star - N.Flying

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