SEVENTEEN Artist-Made Collection Season 2

March 22, 2024

I'm back for the Season 2 of Artist-Made Collection by SEVENTEEN

Weeks after I moved to South Korea, my first ever K-Pop related purchase was during the Season 1 of the Artist-Made Collection by SEVENTEEN. After a few months, SEVENTEEN finally released the second season of their merch. I was really looking forward to Wonwoo's items.

SEVENTEEN Artist-Made Collection Season 2 Pop-Up

The pop-up event was also held at the same location from the last pop-up. And just like before, the pop-up was divided into two parts - the merch shop and the showroom. But compared to last time, the pop-up date for the second season is longer.

The members for this season is Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi and The8.

Merch Shop

I heard that the line for the merch shop was insane so my friend Vivi and I decided to line up early. We lined up at 8am, got our queue at 8:30am and we were already at 500 queue. I don't know if it's because it's still on the 4th (?) day of the pop-up that's why there are a lot of people lining up.

But still, the 500 is not that bad. I had high hopes that I can still buy the merch that I am looking forward to - Wonwoo's Keyboard and Camera Bag.

Just some fun fact, weeks before they announced the second season of the Artist-Made Collection, I was already looking for a keyboard and camera bag in Coupang. Good thing I didn't buy yet because Wonwoo will be releasing his own version of it.

I also wanted to buy the other members' products but Wonwoo's products are already expensive and I cannot afford to buy all of them. Plus, I still have concerts to attend to. So, my budget is really limited.

When we entered the merch shop, the line was so long for the payment. Also, Woozi's merch was already sold out for that day.

Just like what happened to me during the first season, my enter time with the merch shop and the showroom coincided with each other. So when we were at the merch shop, I had no choice but to just get the things that I will buy, line up, and leave for the Showroom.


I liked the showroom for this season because everything looks cute. The place looks more spacious than the time I went to before.

Even the part where there are a lot of lightsticks, I like it. You know how much I don't like the color of the new Carat bong. But when it was placed there together with some flowers and mirrors, it was a little bit okay.

Mini Vlog:

@annyeongruth I went to SEVENTEEN Artist-Made Collection Season 2 with my friend Vivi. I also bought Wonwoo’s keyboard and camera bag. #kpop #seventeen #artistmadecollectionsvt ♬ 蜜桃物语 - 仁辰&于行

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