SEVENTEEN S.Coups Exempted from the Military

March 01, 2024

SEVENTEEN S.Coups has been exempted from the military due to his knee injury.

According to reports posted on March 1, SEVENTEEN's leader S.Coups was classified as Grade 5 in the recent physical examination for the military service.

According to South Korea's conscription system, Grade 5 recipients are exempted from the military service during peace time. In case of war, they are required to support the military through labor.

Last August 2023, S.Coups injured his left knee while filming for a SEVENTEEN content. He was diagnosed with a anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee at the time. He has then halted his activities including the promotion for their new song "God of Music" and Japan tour. He underwent a surgery and is in the process of rehabilitation according to his agency, PLEDIS Entertainment.

On the 23rd of February 2024, the agency announced S.Coups' future activities, "As a result of steady treatment and sufficient rest, the injured area has somewhat improved." They added, "We recently received a medical approval that it is okay to carry out the scheduled schedule as long as it is not harmful to the body. Therefore, S.Coups will participate in Seventeen's schedule again starting from March, including SEVENTEEN TOUR 'FOLLOW' AGAIN TO INCHEON."

It was also reported that SEVENTEEN will be having a comeback on April. "We will make an official announcement about SEVENTEEN's comeback schedule on a later date."

Hoping for S.Coups' speed recovery!

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