UNBOXING: Wonwoo Keyboard and Camera Bag from the Artist-Made Collection

March 22, 2024

I got Wonwoo's Keyboard and Camera Bag

This is probably the most worth it merchandise I have ever purchased that is K-Pop related. Aside from the fact that it is a merch from my bias in SEVENTEEN (Wonwoo), it is also something that a multimedia artist like me can use.

If you have read my blog about my visit at the Artist-Made Collection  by SEVENTEEN Season 2, you knew that I was searching for a keyboard and camera bag even before Wonwoo released his products. So, it's really a must-buy for me. Now, I'll be showing you how these looks like.

Wonwoo Love Packed Keyboard

As a not so techy person, I don't know the specs of this keyboard so I can only talk about how it looks and what I liked about this one.

As you know, Wonwoo is a gamer that is why he decided to create his own keyboard for this collection. The reason why it's purple is because it's his favorite color.

What made this keyboard even more special is that the letters and numbers here are Wonwoo's handwriting. Aside from that, he also placed the Korean characters along with the English characters. For the up down left right arrows and ESC, he made some special characters that will represent him, Seol and Carats.

There is also a quote at the side of the keyboard.

You can also change how the light in the keyboard works.

I actually liked almost everything about this keyboard including the sound. My only concern was it doesn't have a number pad. As someone who is used to with having a number pad, it's a little hard to get used to having none. But overall, I like it. I can say it's worth the purchase.

There is also a photocard and making log included when you buy this.

Price: 120,000 KRW

Wonwoo Love Packed Cross Bag

Since Wonwoo is also into photography these days, he decided to create a camera bag but at the same time still has a vibe of a normal vibe. At first, I was a bit hesitant to buy this because of its color. But after trying my camera inside my bag, I think I made the right choice.

I was a concert and event photographer when I was in the Philippines and I remember not having a decent camera bag. Now, I finally have a bag to use when I take photos.

Aside from the fact that it's a camera bag, when you remove the divider inside, the carat bong fits there too making it a good concert bag as well.

Price: 89,000 KRW


I can say that I made the right decision of purchasing these. It's worth the money.

@annyeongruth Unboxing Wonwoo’s Keyboard and Camera Bag. I bought it from the SEVENTEEN Artist-Made Collection Season 2 Pop-Up in Gangnam. #kpop #seventeen #artistmadecollectionsvt #wonwoo #원우 ♬ 蜜桃物语 - 仁辰&于行

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