A PH Carat Attending SEVENTEEN Follow Again To Incheon

April 06, 2024

My First SEVENTEEN Encore Concert

The moment that I have finally waited for - SEVENTEEN's Encore Concert in South Korea. Since I only became a fan of SEVENTEEN around 2020, this will be my first encore experience since Be The Sun didn't have any encore concert in South Korea. What made it more fun is that this is the first OT13 throughout the whole Follow concert.

Incheon Asiad Main Stadium

SEVENTEEN Follow Again to Incheon happened at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium which has around 30,000 capacity. The whole venue is so wide that going from the Merch Zone to the Carat Zone will take you a long walk. But I like it that it's big so that there are a lot of space for people since there will be a lot of people coming.

My friend and I arrived at the venue at around 10:30am. The reason why I wanted to go early is so that I can take photos when there are few people only. They have a lot of photo spots as well during this concert.

Of course I need to take a photo with Team SVT and Bongbongie.

Aside from that, I was also able to meet with some of my Carat friends. Because the signal was so bad, I wasn't able to meet most of my friends. But I'm still happy I got to meet some.

There were also a lot of restaurants near the stadium so you can eat there also before going inside the stadium. My friend and I ate Jjimdak which was actually good. I didn't have much photos when we ate because I was so hungry and sleepy.

Concert Proper

This is my view from the 5th floor. It's really far. Probably the farthest I have been to. My view was kind of obstructed too because of the speaker tower as well as the barricade. But like what I always say, there's no bad seat if SEVENTEEN is the one performing.

But mainly, I just stare at the LED screen because I am really so far.

The concert started at around 6pm KST. The sun hasn't gone down by this time so it's still a bit bright during the start of the concert.

Note: I'm uploading my fancams on A Fangirl's Heart Tiktok account

If you have watched some of my fancams, I literally shouted when Woozi, Wonwoo, Dino and S.Coups appeared on the screen. Mainly because of their hairstyles. They have new hairstyles so I was really shocked during that time.

I don't know but I really like this look of Wonwoo. Compared to his short hair during Super, I prefer this long-haired Wonwoo. He looks even more handsome. So yes, I entered as a Wonwoo biased and I left as a Wonwoo-biased still. *ehem Joshua (my other bias) I still love you*

Special Moments during the concert

I'm so happy that they still *almost* retained the setlist from the Follow Tour. I still was able to hear Pinwheel, Run To You, All My Love and Together. Although I was heartbroken that Kidult and To You was no longer part of the setlist. I was actually waiting for the OT13 Kidult and To You.

But even if I didn't get to hear those songs, I was able to hear Yawn and Ima (Korean version), and Headliner live which made my concert experience still special.
@annyeongruth I decided to record myself during Yawn. I cried. I love you SEVENTEEN. I love you Seungkwan. #kpop #seventeen #yawnseventeen ♬ original sound - Ruthie in Korea 🇰🇷
Another special moment from the concert is the drone show. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see it because it was covered by the roof. But it still gave me goosebumps just by looking at the screen.

Screenshot from the livestream
They really poured it all during this concert. I felt that they were really sincere with their love for Carats. And I'm proud to be one. Like what the message on the drone show says, "I'll be Carat again if I were to be born again".

This whole concert made me realize how much special SEVENTEEN is to me. It's not my first time seeing them but it will always feel like it is. They are just a group you really won't be able to resist.

Mini Vlog

As of writing, I am still editing my full vlog, so for the meantime, here's my Mini Vlog
@annyeongruth Let’s attend SEVENTEEN’s Follow Again to Incheon Day 1! I really missed them and I can’t wait to see them again in Seoul! #kpop #seventeen #followagaintoincheon ♬ original sound - Ruthie in Korea 🇰🇷

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