A PH MyDay Attending DAY6 Welcome to the Show Concert in Seoul

April 19, 2024

It feels good to see DAY6 again!

After their hiatus for almost three years, DAY6 finally came back with a BANG! To celebrate their comeback, DAY6 released their comeback album "Fourever" with the title track, "Welcome to the Show". Their title track eventually became the name of the their concert as well.

Jamsil Indoor Stadium

DAY6's Welcome to the Show concert was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium with a capacity of 11,069. Since they have a 360-degree stage, they were able to maximize the stadium well. They had their concert from April 12-14, 2024.

I attended the second day of the concert because I believe it's the best time for me since I still have classes on Friday and Monday.

I am so thankful I met some PH MyDays outside so I was able to take a photo with this poster.

Compared to SEVENTEEN's concert, I went to the venue a little late because I have no friends to meet at the venue anyway. I actually went there around lunch time to check if the line for the merch is long. But since it was long, I just decided to go to the My Day Zone.

There were no line at the My Day Zone so I was able to get my special gift fast. After that, I went to a cafe to meet some of my GKS friends. I then went back to the venue at around 4:30pm since we will start entering by 5pm.

When I went back to the venue at that time, I noticed that the line for the merch is gone and the merch that I want is still available. So, I was able to buy it. I will share another blog post about my unboxing.

Concert Proper

This is my view at the concert. I was really happy I got this seat. I really wanted to be at this section but I never expected that my seat will be in the first row. Although there's a clear barricade in front of me, it didn't hinder my experience.

The stage was really good. I love the 360-degree stage. If they're bringing this in Manila, I think Araneta is a good place to have this kind of stage.

During the start of the concert, Sungjin was facing my side. But since the stage is turning around, I was able to see Young K and Wonpil as well. This concept was really good because everyone can have a good look at all the members.

The last time I saw DAY6 was during Gravity in Manila which was in 2019. I was actually expecting that I will cry during the concert but I felt excited to hear them again rather than an overwhelming feeling.

I was actually torn if I should take videos or just enjoy the concert. Because honestly, you would really want to just sing along with them than take videos. But at the same time, I have to practice using my Samsung S24 Ultra.

Fancams are uploaded on A Fangirl's Heart Tiktok Account

Here are some of my photos during the concert. I haven't explored much about this camera that's why it's not yet that good. But compared to my IPhone, the zoom of the S24 Ultra is really good.

Special Moments during the Concert

This is not my first time seeing DAY6. And definitely this is not my first time seeing them upclose. Because last Gravity in Manila, I was able to have a hitouch with them. But little did I know that there will be another upclose encounter with them.

Young K and Dowoon happened to walk in our section during the encore part. Like what I have mentioned earlier, I am in the first row so they were literally in front of me. I didn't expect them to be this close to me. Plus, they really glowed up from the last time I saw them.

Young K's and Dowoon's skin were glowing. I really envy their face that's why I want to have a facial here in Korea as well. haha

Although Wonpil and Sungjin didn't come to my side, I'm still happy to experience that I get to see them.

I was also so happy to hear "Happy", "Welcome to the Show" and "I Would" during this concert. I am still hoping to hear "Afraid", "Zombie", and "Marathon" soon.

Mini Vlog

@annyeongruth I attended DAY6 Welcome to the Show Concert in Seoul Day 2! It's really one of my favorite fangirl moments. #kpop #kband #day6 #welcometotheshow ♬ Vlog ・ Stylish city pop(1275391) - orino
Here's my mini vlog of the concert. I am so excited with that DAY6 will do in the future. I'm really excited for their upcoming songs.

I know I haven't been talking about them that much for the past years, but trust me, I still love them. And I'm still happy that despite of what has happened in the past, I stayed.

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