DAY6 Zombie Review: The Song That Represents my Quarantine Life

June 06, 2020

I was supposed to write my thoughts about DAY6's Zombie after it was released. But since I had some works and deadlines to do, I wasn't able to write about it immediately. Now, I have a little extra time for my blog so I decided to share my thoughts about DAY6's Zombie.

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So, I'll be talking about three points in this blog: music video, music, and lyrics. I just want to somehow organize my thoughts and not go into everything all at once.

Music Video

The music video of Zombie was released last May 11, 2020, 6PM KST through their official Youtube Channel. The whole music video follows the story of a guy living a not-so-exciting kind of life. He has has dark circles around his eyes and moves as if he was a zombie (the slow zombie). While DAY6 were singing the song on the room of the guy.

The first thing that I thought of while watching the music video, "The music video is telling me that they are trapped." As you may have noticed, they were singing inside the room. One thought, they are trapped in the room because of the quarantine (lol) or they are trapped in a current situation that they cannot do anything about it. Well, I believe it's the latter. I really liked this idea. They were able to make me feel confined on a certain situation even without the lyrics yet.

My most favorite part in the music video is on the second verse during Young K and Jae's part. I really love the focus transition from Young K to Jae. It was so smooth yet it goes with the beat of the song.


So this is my honest thought about it. When I first heard a part of Zombie in their album sampler, it didn't click to me that much yet compared to their former songs, especially Congratulations or Time of our Life. I didn't feel any special about it. What clicked to me was their side-track "Afraid".

It started with some drum beats and then followed by the piano. Until the first chorus, it was just a little bit balladish (haha sorry for the term). Then there goes the rock type when the second chorus entered.

Although the music felt a little bit repeating, the part that interest me was the sudden change of key after the bridge part - on Wonpil's "Oh Oh". That was I guess the part that I feel like "Ah, this is DAY6". And what do I mean by that? DAY6 is known to as the band who creates songs combining the major and minor, and a band who uses 7th the most. They are the type of musician who doesn't go with the common chords. (Try watching ReacttotheK reviews of DAY6 they can explain these terms more.)

So to compare it with their other songs, Zombie doesn't give me much of an impact in terms of the melody. But I can still say that the song keeps on repeating in my mind because like what I have said earlier, it has a repeating vibe which will allow you to remember the tune easily.


Its melody might not have left an impact on me but the lyrics have made me hooked with it. It explains my life during this quarantine period or maybe my whole life in general.

"This meaningless life. Though I want to just let go, though I want to just dream on, there's nothing I can do more."

Since March, I have been stuck at home because of the pandemic. My current internship was put on hold and I do not even know if I will get extended. Just for those who don't know, I was supposed to graduate this June 15 but seems like there won't be a graduation ceremony since mass gatherings are not allowed yet. Anyway, this pandemic has caused me to think about my life. I want to let go and just move with the flow but at the same time, I want to continue dreaming. But like what DAY6 Zombie says, "There's nothing I can do more"

"I became a zombie. I walk on, drifting aimlessly. Tomorrow will be no different. I live counting the time 'til I close my eyes."

This part may actually represent my whole life. I just continue to go with the flow, without a goal to follow, counting the days. When Jae sang this part, it hit me so hard. I guess I really became a zombie after all.

What did Zombie teach me?

This song taught me that there are situations and feelings in our lives that we need to acknowledge instead of finding a solution first. Not all situations need an answer. Sometimes, we just need to feel it, to experience it to make us a better person tomorrow.

This song never gave an answer or a solution. But it gave us an assurance that we are not alone and that our feelings are valid. Although there is no line there that says "You're not alone", the fact that they wrote this song makes me feel like I am not alone. I am not the only one who feels that way.

How about you? What are your thoughts with DAY6's Zombie?

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