Japanese Boy Group OWV to have their Major Debut through Universal Music

June 04, 2020

Former PRODUCE 101 Japan trainees, Kosuke Honda, Katsunari Nakagawa, Shuta Urano, and Fumiya Sano, formed a boy group "OWV" and will have their major debut through Universal Music this year!

About OWV

The group's name "OWV" is short term for "Our only Way to get Victory” which shows their motivation to gain victory by becoming a group with unique features that no one can ever imitate them.

The Members

Kosuke Honda(本田 康祐)

Birthday: April 11th 1995(25y/o)
Birthplace: Fukushima
Blood type: A

Katsunari Nakagawa(中川 勝就) 

Birthday: March 16th 1997(23y/o)
Birthplace: Hyogo
Blood type: A

Shuta Urano(浦野 秀太)

Birthday: June 17th 1997(22y/o)
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood type: A

Fumiya Sano(佐野 文哉)

Birthplace: May 25th 1997(23y/o)
Birthplace: Yamanashi
Blood type: B

Official Activities

Last June 3 (Wed), a “Commemoration livestream program for the formation of OWV” was streamed on the free video streaming service “GYAO!"

The event will be streamed as an archive on June 4 (Thu) on “GYAO!”, and will also be streamed through “5G LAB VR SQUARE” on June 17th.

For more information about their activities, check their official website and SNS accounts.

OWV Official Website: https://owv.jp/
OWV Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/owv_official
OWV Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/

Official Photos by: Sietaro Tanaka Photography

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