First Impressions on Symphony's Romance

June 29, 2020

Just in case you're not much into Chinese dramas, Symphony's Romance is a Chinese remake of the famous Nodame Cantabile, starring Zhang Xincheng (Skate into Love) and Lin Yun (Mermaid). There was also a Korean remake of this drama "Naeil's Cantabile" starring Joo Won, Sim Eun Kyung, and Park Bo Gum.

I have never watched the original and I dropped the Korean adaptation, so Symphony's Romance will be the first time I'll encounter the whole story.

Reasons Why I Decided to Watch Symphony's Romance

Zhang Xincheng is the main lead

I just became a fan of Zhang Xincheng recently because of Skate into Love. Since I started liking him, I am waiting for his new dramas. Just months after Skate into Love, Symphony's Romance was released. So the the hype is still there.

Zhang Xincheng plays the role of Li Zhen Yi, the talented musician who wanted to be an orchestra conductor but is currently suffering from a trauma that happened when he was a child.

Just in case you don't know, Zhang Xincheng is musically-inclined that's why he deserves this role. I have watched a lot of videos where he plays the piano and you will surely fall in love with him. He also showed his piano skills in Skate into Love.

It's a music-themed drama

Before I actually shifted to the pop music, I am a fan of classical and broadway music. In fact, I have been performing as part of a choir and also in musical plays. But I had to stop to focus more on my studies. I believe that watching this drama will make me remember the love I have for classical music.

My First Impressions

Female Lead

Before I actually got to watch the first episode, I have seen some comments that the female character is quite annoying, not the artist playing the character, but the character she portray. So I'm a bit hesitant if I will like it or not. But upon watching it, I loved the female character, maybe because the actress who plays the role is so pretty that you won't get irritated with her even if she acts childish.

The artist who plays the role of Fang Xiao Wo is Lin Yun. She debuted with the movie mermaid. Although I haven't watched it, I already find her adorable, especially when she shows her dimples while smiling. I just love how cute she is.

Other Characters

I believe not all artists who play a role there are musicians. I can clearly see it on the way they play their instruments. But there are also some who knows how to play that certain instrument. So far, it doesn't bother me much whether they can play or not.

I'm already loving the character of Fisher, the conductor. He seems so laid-back. I suddenly want to meet an instructor like him. Maybe I can love the things I'm doing with those kind of people. He doesn't pressure you yet he is good in encouraging.

Lines about dreams

With just the first episode, they already hit me so hard with their amazing lines. What more when the drama reaches its final episode? I feel like I'll be thinking hard about my dream again after I finish watching this (oh and this is still on-going, as of writing).

Expectations for the Drama

I just want to see how the love story between the main leads will progress. So far, I haven't felt the kilig between the two of them. But visually speaking, they look good together. Also, I hope it won't get draggy since it'll be a 40-episode series. Most of the time, they tend to stretch the series just to reach the 40-episode quota. 

I just hope that this drama will continue to be a chill and fun drama to watch. I'm already excited for the next episodes to come.

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