Things I Love and Hate about 'A Love so Beautiful (2017)'

June 23, 2020

A Love so Beautiful has been the talk of the town ever since its release in 2017. Eventually, a local television showed it here in 2018. But I just managed to watch it whole this 2020. Not because it didn't attract me before, but because I have been so busy that I actually forgot all about it.

After watching Intense Love, I decided to watch this as suggested by my friend. And I actually made the right choice.

About A Love So Beautiful

Title: A Love So Beautiful
Episodes: 23 episodes (45 minutes each) + 1 bonus episode
Main Casts:

Hu Yi Tian as Jiang Chen
Shen Yue as Chen Xiaoxi
Gao Zhi Ting as Wu Bosong
Wang Zi Wei as Lin Jing Xiao
Sun Ning as Lu Yang

Synopsis: It is a youth school-themed drama which focuses mainly on Jiang Chen, an intelligent and introverted guy, and Xiaoxi, a very cheerful girl who don't study much. They have been classmates since they were little and at the same time, they are also neighbors. Wu Bosong, Lin Jing Xiao, and Lu Yang are their closest classmates. It is a story of how these youths grow their love, friendship, and mature everything in life.

First Thoughts

After watching the trailer, reading the synopsis of this drama, and the characters' description, I had this impression that it has somehow a same flow / story with It Started with a Kiss. I cannot remember much about this drama though since I was young when I got to watch it. All I know is that a girl who is not that good with her studies likes a guy who is an intelligent one. Which I guess, is the same with A Love so Beautiful. But even if I had this impression, I tried to remove it from my mind so that I will enjoy this drama.

Things I Love About this Drama

It's a heart-warming story about the life of the youth

A Love So Beautiful not only focuses on romantic love but it also talks about school, friendship, life struggles, family, and dreams.

Teenage years are probably one of the most crucial part of a person's life because we're no longer kids to play around yet we're not yet an adult to make decisions on our own. These years are our preparation for the outside world. And by the outside world, it means our life outside the four-corner of our school.

These years are also the best time to figure out our dreams, well at least have an idea on what you want to be in the future. Because promise, once you've reached the quarter life and you have no dream, you'll really feel lost. Not knowing what to do next.

It makes me realize how important real friendship is

As we struggle in our own problems, real friends are there to help us carry the burden. One good example is when Lu Yang is about to have a heart surgery. All of them are there to support him. They are worried for the outcome. But they trusted him and gave him the support he needed. And those supports helped his surgery become successful.

Another example is during Xiaoxi's book signing. Xiaoxi already feel disheartened because there were only few people who came. She even thought that her friends will not come because of their personal schedules. Her friends ended up surprising her. No amount of fans can be compared when your friends are there to support you.

Simple yet funny lines

Tell me I'm corny but I appreciate the simple jokes and sarcasms of Jiang Chen to Xiaoxi. I don't know why but it made me laugh.

The second love line

Chinese dramas are known for having more than one love story in their series. And these side love lines makes me interested with the characters too. Lu Yang's and Jing Xiao's story is a proof that you may not be attracted with each other at first but may still end up together in the future.

My favorite part is when Lu Yang went to school with colored hair and a piercing. He definitely looks different from the nerdy look he portrays. But aside from the physical appearance, I was touched with his message for Jing Xiao.

Jiang Chen's cuteness

Hu Yi Tian (the actor who plays the role of Jiang Chen) is so handsome. That's a given fact. And showing his smile or even his cuteness makes my heart flutter. No wonder a lot of people love him. Also, I love him when he's wearing his doctor's coat and surgery uniform. I feel so soft for him on those parts.

Wu Bosong

Yes. That's it. And I thank this drama for Wu Bosong. He is truly the best person in this drama. He is the kind of person you will definitely want to be with, the person who will always love you whatever happens. He supports you in your decisions. He will always make you smile even if he is suffering from his own problems. He is definitely one-of-a-kind person, friend, and lover.

The soundtrack is super cute

I have been hearing the English version of I Like You so much, You'll Know It since I've been listening Ysabelle Cuevas' covers most of the time. When I was watching the drama, that's the first time I heard the original. I definitely love it! I might create a cover of it soon.

Things I Hate About This Drama

Well, not really hate, but more of the things that made me sad, really sad.

This story hurts my heart every time they hurt Wu Bosong

I barely love the second leads. The first time was in Who Are You School 2015 and the latest was in Extraordinary You. But compared to those, my love for Wu Bosong is unimaginable. Yes, I love him more than Jiang Chen. Every time he appears on the screen feeling broken-hearted I just simply want to enter the screen and hug him tight.

I have cried a lot of times because of Wu Bosong. The first time was when he was in the clinic because he bumped into someone that made his nose bleed. The nurse said that it's normal for his tears to fall while she was cleaning the blood. But he was crying because he felt the pain seeing Xiaoxi happy with Jiang Chen.

The next one was when he confessed to Xiaoxi at the auditorium and he even said goodbye. I tortured myself by repeating that scene over and over again. And the pain is still the same. Or maybe worse while repeating it.

I can't stop crying when Wu Bosong proposed to Xiaoxi and he got rejected.

I cried even more when he pleads to Jiang Chen to give him back Xiaoxi. But what breaks my heart even more was he let Xiaoxi hear their whole conversation. He's the main reason why the two of them got back together.

He went away for a month to fix his broken heart.

To be very honest, Wu Bosong is the reason why Jiang Chen showed his love for Xiaoxi. He is the reason why the two of them got back together. If he didn't show interest with Xiaoxi, I don't think Jiang Chen will show his jealous side.

I can't stop thinking, if Xiaoxi met Wu Bosong first, will she still love Jiang Chen?

So, who will I choose? Wu Bosong or Jiang Chen?

The two of them have their own way of loving Xiaoxi. Wu Bosong is the type of guy who is showy with his feelings while Jiang Chen is the other way around. During the first few episodes, I was really torn with the two of them. I love both of them to be honest.

If I am Xiaoxi, of course I'll make the same decision of choosing Jiang Chen because I really love Jiang Chen since the very start. But since I am not Xiaoxi, I'll choose Wu Bosong more. I fell in love with Wu Bosong more than Jiang Chen. Maybe because I have no deep feelings invested for Jiang Chen. But come on, who wouldn't want a guy like Wu Bosong?

Final Thoughts

A Love So Beautiful is definitely a must-watch drama. Probably my second most fave CDrama next to Skate into Love. It's not just a story that will make you kilig all the way, but it is a story that will definitely warm your heart. It will make you love, laugh, cry, all at the same time. A lot of lessons and realizations can be learned here.

OST Cover

Hope you can also check out my song cover of "I Like You So Much, You'll Know It"

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