Korea's Traditional Clothing - Hanbok

June 27, 2020

Let me be honest with you, I don't watch sageuk dramas (Korean historical dramas) much. I have only watched Kingdom and Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It's not that I don't like those kind of dramas, it's just that I am more drawn into the modern themes. But, I can't deny the fact that seeing them wear hanbok makes me want to try it too.

What is Hanbok?

If you're a fan of sageuk or the Korean culture, I'm sure you have heard about Hanbok. Hanbok is Korea's traditional clothing. You can classify hanbok into ceremonial and every dress - and can also be categorized by gender, age, and season. Yes, you read it right. Up until a hundred years ago, Koreans wear hanbok in their everyday lives.

Now, Koreans wear hanbok during special occasions like a child's first birthday, wedding, ancestral rites, Lunar New Year, and other traditional events.

Hanbok's Composition and Design

Hanbok's general structure consists of -  jeogori (the upper garment) and chima (skirts - for female) / paji (pants - for male). Because of its style and design, it looks like a bell when worn together which I find it really unique and beautiful. 

Not only that, based from what I learned during my Korea trip, the colors used in Hanbok actually has a meaning. For example, a red hanbok, which is commonly worn by females during their wedding, represents passion, love, and good fortune.

Aside from that, colors of hanbok also shows the social position. People who are in high social status tend to have a bright colored hanbok, while common people word light and earthy colors. 

To know more about the history of Hanbok, here's a beautiful infographic by The Korean in Me

Addition to my Bucket List

I have traveled to South Korea and experienced a lot in terms of their food, entertainment, and culture. But I haven't tried wearing a Hanbok. Soon, I'll try the Hanbok and show it you once I have worn it.

There are actually a lot of stores in  Korea where you can rent the Hanbok. But if you want to have your personal Hanbok ('cause why not?), you can visit The Korean in Me website. They offer a variety of Hanbok for men, women, children. They even have modern hanbok! So what are you waiting for? Check it out now.

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