I made Kimbap (Korean Sushi Rolls) at home during quarantine

June 13, 2020

As I have been staying in my home at Batangas, I have been deprived from ordering Korean food since most services are only offered around Manila area. There were Korean stores near our place. That's when I decided to do Kimbap on my own (well of course with the help of my mom).

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I am not a pro in cooking. In fact, I only know how to cook rice and noodles. So, I guess I can make a simple Kimbap. Here's how I did with mine:


1. Rice (since we have no Japanese rice here, my mom mixed the normal rice and sticky rice)
2. Carrots
3. Cucumber
4. Crab Stick
5. Egg
6. Cheese
7. Ham
8. Seaweed Wrapper
9. Soy sauce
10. Sugar

How to do it:

1. Once the rice is already cooked, we took a small amount of it (depending on how many kimbap rolls you plan to do) and let it cool for about 30 minutes.
2. While cooling the rice, we fried the carrots and crab sticks for about a minute. Well, you can actually put it raw but my mom likes it better when it's cooked. We also fried the egg and ham.
3. Once everything is all set, cut the egg and ham into long pieces.
4. Put rice on top of the seaweed wrapper. Make sure it's evenly placed.
5. Put all the ingredients and then roll it all together.
6. Slice it. Not too thin, and not too thick.

For the sauce:

1. We just mixed soy sauce and a little bit of sugar.

Final Product

This is how our homemade kimbap looks like. It isn't perfect yet but we're getting there. I plan to make more in the future with different ingredients. With the taste, it tastes good. Not bad for a beginner.

If you're bored at home and want to try something new (or maybe you're not the type of person who really cook like me), you may want to try doing this Kimbap. It's simple but it can satisfy your Korean cravings.

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