I Tried Doing the Dalgona Milo

April 05, 2020

Dalgona Coffee has actually been a trend lately. A lot of KPOP artists have been doing it like Mina, Seungyoun, and Sungmin to mention some. I have been seeing a lot of it in my timeline too so I got curious about it and tried to do one.

Story Behind the Dalgona Coffee

I did a bit of a research (since I am also curious) on where this dalgona coffee originated and why it has trended lately. According to the internet, this drink has originated from India, Pakistan, and Macau which is better known as the whipped coffee.

Jung Il Woo, the famous South Korean actor, was the one who named the drink Dalgona Coffee because it reminds him of the Korean candy, Dalgona. A lot of people started to get interested with it, made their own and posted it on their SNS accounts.

Since there are a lot of people who do not like coffee that much, they also made an alternative by using Milo for it. Because I am one of those people, I decided to do the Dalgona Milo instead of the Dalgona Coffee.

Ingredients for the Dalgona Milo

This is for 1 drink only. You may add more if you want to share with other people.

4-5 tbsp of Milo
2 tbsp of sugar
3-4 tbsp of Nestle Cream (much better if it's chilled)

1. Mix the Milo, sugar, and Nestle Cream. You can mix it on your own or you can use an electric mixer.

Since I am a bit lazy, I used our electric mixer which I bought from Shopee last 2019.

2. Continue mixing it until it becomes fluffy.

3. Pour the milk and the ice on a glass. Then put the mixed Milo on top of it. You can also add some powdered Milo on top just for design.

4. And that's it! You're done! Just find a place with good lighting and take a photo of your Dalgona Milo.

My Comments

I am a person who never cooks or bake or do anything related with food. I just eat or drink it. But making this Dalgona Milo is pretty simple that a person like me can even do it. After tasting it, well, it's not really a special thing. It tastes Milo with milk, that's it. But I'll give it a thumbs up for the presentation. At least, there's a simple drink that can look like an expensive one.

Although I won't be doing this in the future again, I really enjoyed trying it on my own. Next time I'll be doing the original Dalgona. 

How about you? Have you also tried doing this trending drink?

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