I visited Swing Entertainment, K212 Cafe, and had a photo with a Korean Singer

April 04, 2020

One of my goals as a KPOP fan is to go to my favorite artists' agencies. I have visited SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment already and my other goal is to visit Swing Entertainment, home of Wanna One and X1.

I'm a Produce 101 fan ever since the first season. Yes, I watched every single episode. I also followed the groups that debuted and suffered from heartaches when they disbanded. Funny how I knew that this would happen but then ended up still stanning them.

How to go to Swing Entertainment & K212 Cafe

1. Go to Itaewon Station Exit 4 and walk along the Itaewon Antique Furniture Street.
2. Continue walking forward until you reach a big intersection. You can see a 7/11 store in this intersection. Turn right.
3. Once you reached the end of this road, turn to your left and you'll immediately see K212. This is the cafe below Swing Entertainment.

When we have arrived, we noticed that there were some fans (around 3-5) waiting outside the building. Instead of waiting outside, we went inside K212 Cafe to have a little snack and also check out how it looks like.

Wooseok's banner was the first thing I saw when I entered the cafe since he just celebrated his birthday last October 27. By the way, we went here November 3, 2020.

This cafe is full of Wanna One and X1 photos together with the famous trot singer, Tae Jin Ah. Well, he's the former CEO of Swing Entertainment/YMC Entertainment. Now, his eldest son Cho Yoo Myung is the CEO of the company.

We sat down on a table near Wanna One's trophies and waited for our order. I can't really remember the prices of their food and drinks there. I wasn't able to take a photo of their menu because I was too amazed with the photos and merchandises in the cafe. My fangirl heart is really screaming.

While waiting for our order, I roamed around the cafe and took lots of photos.

If you're wondering who that guy in yellow/green/red suit, that's Tae Jin Ah. And to our surprise, he entered the cafe. The moment he saw us, he immediately talked to us and asked us how's the food, where are we from, etc. Yes, we had a short chat with him.

Not only that, we also had a photo with him. He mentioned that X1 is currently in Japan for an event. He knew that we were looking for X1. Haha. Although we may not have seen X1, I still felt happy because I got a photo with Tae Jin Ah.

I can't wait to go back to South Korea and visit more entertainments, cafes, and even filming locations. Hope this blog somehow helps (and inspires? lol) you. Before I end this blog post, here's a photo of Ms. Jay and I in front of the building.

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