KDRAMA Review: My Secret Terrius (2018)

April 09, 2020

My mom, who's a fan of So Ji Sub, really wanted to watch this series even before. But because I barely go home in our province, I can't give her a copy of the series. Now, since we're having the enhanced community quarantine, we finally got the chance to watch it as a whole family. Aside from the fact that So Ji Sub is in the drama, what made us curious was the "corona virus" scene that has been the talk of the town.

About My Secret Terrius (2018)

Title: My Secret Terrius (내 뒤에 테리우스)
Episodes: 32 episodes (around 35 minutes each, 16 episodes if normal 1-hour episode)
Airing Period: September 27 - November 15, 2018

Kim Bon played by So Ji Sub
Go Ae Rin played by Jung In Sun
Jin Yong Tae played by Son Ho Jun
Yoo Ji Yeon played by Lim Se Mi
Ra Do Woo played by Sung Joo
Shim Eun Ha  played by Kim Yeo Jin
Bong Sun Mi played by Jung Si A
Kim Sang Ryeol played by Kang Ki Young
Cha Joon Hee played by Ok Ye Rin
Cha Joon Soo played by Kim Gun Woo

Plot: Kim Bon, a legendary NIS agent, once failed a secret operation which caused him to lose the woman he loves. Being accused of betrayal, he was forced to hide and secretly investigate on what happened. He met his neighbor, Go Ae Rin, who suddenly loses her husband. Kim Bon found a connection between the death of Ae Rin's husband and the case he is investigating. This made Kim Bon apply to be the baby sitter of Ae Rin's children to investigate more.

Things I Liked about My Secret Terrius (2018)

The story is interesting and not boring; characters were superb

I didn't watch the trailer or read the synopsis of this series before watching it. But I had a little glimpse of it during So Ji Sub's fan meeting in Manila. I know that he is an agent in this drama. So with that information in my mind, I thought this drama will be full of actions.

Although yes, there are fighting and gun scenes, but the comedy scenes covered it all. During the first few episodes, I can't stop laughing from everyone. Each of the scenes have their own charm, as well as the characters of this drama. They were not trying hard to make us laugh.

The series has its own way of making us think, who is the spy? What is his role here? What's with this scene? How is it connected with the whole story? Most of the time, the scenes are unpredictable. And I love the transition.

Go Ae Rin played by Jung In Sun

I first saw Jung In Sun in Circle: Two Worlds Connected. Although I am not really her fan, I appreciate her acting. Recently, I also liked her acting in Psychopath Diary.

In this drama, she plays the role of Go Ae Rin, a mother. Although I think she is a little bit young to play that role, she still managed it and that's why I am impressed with her. I love how straightforward her character here is. She has been spitting out words to Kim Bon as if they were already close. Not only that, she even had the guts to speak out what's on her mind with the head of J-Enterprise, Jin Yong Tae.

Kim Bon played by So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub is the kind of actor wherein you'll think he's a tough one. Actually, he still showed his tough side in this drama but what made me more like him is I got to see his fun side when he is taking good care of Ae Ra's children. He definitely has that father side in him. Recently, news were released saying that So Ji Sub got married already. And now, I'm imaging him in The Return of Superman.

Another funny moment is around the last few episodes when Kim Bon visited Jeju Island. A big guy like him got to wear ahjumma clothes and hats. Definitely a not-so-So Ji Sub but he nailed it! I believe deep inside him, he is also laughing at himself, but he really showed how professional and fun person he is.

But aside from these, So Ji Sub played the role of Kim Bon well. He wasn't that expressive but it has added style to Kim Bon's character. I would love to see him act more on these kind of dramas.

Squad Goals

What really made me hook in this drama was this squad aka KIS. They are the kind of "chismosa" in a good way. Why? Because instead of just talking about other people's lives, they find ways on how to help their friends.

On the first few episodes, this squad was able to find Ae Ra's children when they were somehow kidnapped by the killer through their group chat. I like the fact that they really look like investigators when they are just normal citizens. Another one is when Ae Ra got a new job at King's Bag and they helped her with their sales by putting photos on their social media.

One of the funniest is when they were trying to hack on Sun Mi husband's (almost? lol) phone trying to figure out if he is having a love affair. Definitely one of the most memorable scenes. They really acted as if they were agents of the government trying to find out a secret.

The whole series won't be fun without them.

Love Lines

Although they really never showed interest with each other - like saying I like you, or having romantic moments like normal romantic dramas - you can find this part really exciting and fun. As I mentioned on my other reviews, I am never into romantic relationships when it is not the genre but let this be an exception.

Although they somehow ended up as being partners-in-crime (lol) and not really partners in real life, I am already satisfied with it. I just find their whole interaction cute.

Of course, the love story of Ra Do Woo and Yoo Ji Yeon. I liked Ra Do Woo from the start, really. There's something charming in him that really caught my attention. But what I liked about him more is how cute he is whenever he is with Yoo Ji Yeon and how his little crush to her makes my heart flutters.

At first, it can be clearly seen that Yoo Ji Yeon liked Kim Bon and Ra Do Woo felt jealous about it. But even if there is quite some jealousy going around, these two have been loyal to Kim Bon. They are the ones who greatly helped Kim Bon with his journey. I'm just so happy that these two ended up with each other in the series.


"Brother" most memorable line from Jin Yong Tae. This is how he calls Kim Bon. The series started with Jin Yong Tae as the antagonist. The killer got the equipment from him, and the bags that were used for bribing were in his hands. But his character changed when he was about to be killed and Kim Bon was the person who saved him.

This bromance started with that. Although there were times wherein I thought he would betray Kim Bon, but I was wrong. Instead, he was luring his former boss that he is still on their side. He was even willing to make his life as a bait to catch the enemies.

But not only that, Kim Bon also had a bromance with one of the members of KIS. They are somehow in a love-hate relationship. Sang Ryeol keeps on spreading rumors about Kim Bon within the KIS but is still in good terms with Kim Bon.

These two were really cute whenever they are together. Oh and this nose-nose kiss was actually one of the funniest scenes.

The Ending

It's the most satisfying ending that I have watched. Everybody has the closure that they needed. Kim Bon was back to his former job while still taking care of the two kids. Go Ae Ra found a job under Kim Bon's head. The KIS continued their life as normal, as if nothing happened. Ra Do Woo and Yoo Ji Yeon ended up with each other. Jin Yong Tae is now living a new life as a cafe owner.

Everyone got the ending they deserve. It was really a satisfying ending. I do not ask anything more because I am already satisfied with how the ending went.


You probably might have noticed, I didn't put "Things I somehow don't like". It's because I liked everything in the series. It's the kind of series that I am always looking for. To be very honest, I never thought this series is a comedy type of series so I have no expectations from this drama.

Yes, I may have no intense emotions like in W: Two Worlds and Angel's Last Mission: Love, but this series has given me a different type of feeling. I was satisfied with everything in the story even the ending, just like I have mentioned earlier.

The story taught me that real friendship exists. There will be people who will betray you at some part, but there will always be people who will stay with you until the end. And those are the people worth keeping. Just like in this story, the KIS, Jin Yong Tae, Ra Do Woo, and Yoo Ji Yeon, they are definitely worth keeping for Ae Ra and Kim Bon.

If you're really looking for a series that can make you laugh and at the same time makes you feel excited, I highly suggest watching this series. It's probably one of my most favorite KDramas. How about you? Have you watched this series? If not yet, you can watch it on Netflix or Viu.

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