Skate into Love - My Now Most Favorite CDrama

April 21, 2020

My love for CDramas started before when I got to watch Love O2O starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang. No other CDramas were able to overpass my love for this. But recently, I saw a teaser of this series "Skate into Love" and fell in love with it already. Since I love watching sports and romcom series, I really made sure that I'll be updated with Skate into Love.

And my first impression didn't fail me. I love Skate into Love even more. Now, it became my most favorite Chinese drama (I'm sorry Yang Yang lol). And here are the reasons why.

The main couple is probably one of the cutest couple I have ever seen.

Skate into Love is a story of two childhood frenemies, Li Yubing and Tang Xue, who got separated when they were in middle school suddenly had an unexpected reunion during college. Both of them are into ice sports - Li Yubing in Ice Hokey and Tang Xue in short track speed skating. 

Zhang Xincheng (who plays the role of Li Yubing) and Wu Qian (who plays the role of Tang Xue) just created another great couple. Aside from the fact that they both have this amazing visuals, the two of them really looks compatible with each other.

Li Yubing, like most common dramas, was portrayed as an almost-perfect person. He is intelligent, handsome, famous, and good in playing Ice Hokey. Meanwhile Tang Xue was portrayed as a little bit of a boyish girl. She may not be that intelligent but she knows a lot about the real world.

The enemies to friends to lovers kind of story is no longer new. But I had this fresh feeling when I watched this.

It's not only about love, but it's also about dreams and how to achieve it.

Although they both love the ice, they had a big difference. Li Yubing continued to play Ice Hokey and now known as the God of Ice while Tang Xue stopped because of an accident that happened to her when she was in high school.

Li Yubing knew how much Tang Xue loves to skate. Even though they have this love-hate relationship, Yubing helped Tang Xue go back to skating by paying for her training fee and encouraging her to continue. A little backstory, Tang Xue was the person who made Li Yubing love the ice.

There were a lot of trials during the process but the two of them continued to support each other until they reach their dreams. This only shows how mature they are as a person. Not only do they support each other, but their friends and the people around them also support and encourage them in any way that they can.

It has a more realistic storyline.

Compared to the CDramas that I have watched, Skate into Love showed a more realistic story. The other dramas that I watched exhibited an almost-perfect story, no problems, only happy things. This drama shows that not all the time we'll win. There will be times we'll fall. But through the help of the people around us, we can stand up again.

A good example is of course Tang Xue. During her high school days, she was about to be part of the national team. Unfortunately, an accident happened and caused her to stop. She may have stopped but her love for speed skating never changed. When she entered college, she met someone who was way better than her. This somehow triggered her to train more until she finally get the chance to compete.

In other stories, it will have a smooth transition. The lead will continue to win. But in this case, Tang Xue lost during her first competition. The sad part is that, she was about to win. This drama shows that going towards your dream is not a straight path.

Another example is the story of Yu Yan. He is a figure skater who has no friends and has dedicated all his life training. It came to a point that he suffered from anxiety for the reasons that the person he liked became in a relationship with another guy and his coach and mom continued to dictate him what to do. Like the song says, "Even the best falls down sometimes," Yu Yan reached the darkest point in his life. But eventually, he rose up and started from the start.

There are side love stories.

It did not only focus on Yubing and Tang Xue. Their friends happened to have their own love stories too. But with all these side love stories, my favorite is Jiang Shi Jia and WeiWei. I don't know why but the two of them have a soft part in my heart. Maybe because they both experienced a one-sided love at first. I find the scratching game thing part very cute.

Matching outfits are the cutest!

One thing that I noticed in this series is that the couples always have matching outfits and I find it really cute! I don't know what term should I use because I honestly can't explain my feelings whenever I see them in matching outfits.

The actors and actresses are good.

I have seen a lot of emotions in this series and what made me feel those emotions were the actors were able to show it greatly. You can really differentiate an actor with a lot of experience already than those with none.

I also love Li Yubing's and Tang Xue's idols.

It was shown in this series that Li Yubing and Tang Xue have their own role models. Li Yubing's role model, the original God of Ice Bing Shen (played by Deng Lun) is definitely one of the most attractive character. He was only seen there for like 2 episodes but I already like him lol.

Meanwhile, Tang Xue's role model is Wu Da Jing who is really a short track speed skater in real life wherein he has won different awards already. I love the fact that a real player came to this series and helped promote the winter sports.

They gave tribute to the Chinese Ice Sports players and to anyone who is pursuing their dreams.

At the end of the series, they showed the sports players who have given honor for their country. Yes, it's true that ice sports are not much of a famous one. That's why they made this to promote it too. I just appreciate the last part.

I love how they also paid tribute to those people pursuing their dreams. It made me tear a bit. I just want to thank everyone who made this series possible.

I love their OST!

One of the reasons why I'm loving Zhang Xincheng is because he is musically inclined. He can play the piano and he can sing. He even sang some of the series' OST. Who wouldn't fall in love with him, right? Check out the video below for the full list of their soundtrack.

If there are things that I hate in this drama, these are...

It made me want to fall in love. For a person who is not really interested in falling in love or being in a relationship, this series made me "somehow" change my mind. I suddenly had these thoughts of being in love and being in a relationship. I suddenly had this urge to find someone. lol. Waiting for my own Li Yubing or Zhang Xincheng will do. Haha.

Another thing, I felt like 40 episodes were too short. I needed more Li Yubing and Tang Xue moments. I needed more interactions from them. I felt like they only have few interactions. I wanted and needed more. I felt like I was deprived. I hope that Zhang Xincheng and Wu Qian will act together again. Or maybe a Season 2 which is about the 2022 Olympics? Haha. I just needed more contents of the two of them.

If you want to watch this drama, you can click this link.

Before I end my review, I'm going to share with you the most memorable line in this series, "The dreams never shine, it's you that shine while chasing your dream". Continue to follow your dreams fellow fans!

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