Things I did during DAY6 Entropy comeback

April 30, 2020

So, this blog post is actually kinda late. I just somehow remembered posting this because DAY6 is having their comeback again! Last April 20, JYP Entertainment confirmed that DAY6 is coming back with another album, "The Book of Us: The Demon" on May 11. Before they confirmed it, subway ads posters were seen in South Korea just like the promotion they did for Entropy.

"Why does love lean towards one side?" (photo credits to the rightful owner)

I visited South Korea last October 2019 and it was the same time DAY6 is having their promotion for their comeback, "The Book of Us: Entropy". A part of my bucket list is to actually support my faves during their comeback. I may not yet be considered as a pro in this matter, but I am proud that I am slowly achieving my fangirl goals. Since I can't travel back to Korea for their next comeback, I'll just be reminiscing the things I did last comeback.

Visiting the subway ads

This is probably the most unexpected thing that I did. Although I know that they have their subway ads, I was not aware that the station we went to has one! And I'm screaming internally when I saw the subway ad.

This was located at the Euljiro 3-Ga Station. My friend, Ms. Jay, and I saw this on our way back to Hongdae from Insadong. Although I look haggard, I didn't let go of this chance to have a photo with the subway ad.

Attending a Music Show

I have no photo inside the KBS Hall since we're not allowed to take photos there. So I'm just showing you these photos outside the hall. We attended KBS Music Bank wherein DAY6 is part of the line-up. A lot of fans are lining up outside the venue. They have their lightsticks/lightbands with them. There's also a paper placed on the floor so that you'll know where to line (since a lot of artists are performing).

We arrived inside the hall and the first to perform was NU'EST! It's my first time seeing NU'EST since I wasn't able to attend their concert in Manila (because I felt lazy to go to Cubao even if I have a chance lol). So, I'm really really happy I got to see them too!

Next was DAY6. They weren't playing their instruments live but they were singing live. I was so happy when Sungjin waved at us after they have done shooting. A lot of my friends there fell in love with Jae. They love Jae. Well, who wouldn't love him, right?

The next performer was TXT. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we had to leave since we had another schedule to go to. But it's okay since we already met TXT when we visited SMTOWN Coex.

I'm only seeing this path in photos. But now, I have really seen it with my own eyes.

Visiting the Pop-Up Store

We visited the pop-up store on its last day because that's the only free time we have. It was located at the Yongsan I Park Mall 4th floor The Center. As far as I know, we only rode the subway from Hongik University Station to Yongsan Station and then walk.

What's in the pop-up store? Of course, DAY6 merch, mostly stuff about Entropy. But there were also some old merch there. Unfortunately, the DAY6 dolls that I'm looking for is already sold out. Also, I didn't buy their album because I already have a signed one.

But you know, there's a different feeling when you're holding the merch yourself. A different feeling from opening it from the box. You can really feel and think that this is real. Weird, but I got this feeling. My budget was a bit tight so I really didn't spend much.

Check out some of the photos of the pop-up store:

I'm currently regretting the fact that I did not buy that body bag. I could have used it whenever I have events to cover.

The thing that I did not do but plan to do it in the future... attend a fansigning event

I have been updated with DAY6 fansign schedules. The thing is, our trip to Korea was full packed since we were there because we got invited by the Korean Foundation and ASEAN Culture House. All of DAY6's schedules do not match our schedule. So I didn't have the chance to join.

But I believe in the future, I'll get to attend a fansign! I promise. I'll attend a fansign of my favorite artist, whoever that artist is.

DAY6 is finally having their comeback this May 11 with the title track, "Zombie". Hope everyone can support DAY6!

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