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May 01, 2020

Recently, I have been having a writer's block. I wanted to write topics that interests me but I don't know how to start it. Until I saw another blogging challenge from Bloggers PH and decided to join it. If you want to meet more bloggers, you can join this group.

Today's topic is "Meet my family/pet". To be very honest, I had a hard time thinking on how to write this one. As much as I want to share the world about my family, they want to stay lowkey. But then, I have no pet (since I'm afraid of animals). So instead of talking about a real and alive pet, I have decided to just write about KKE, my fox doll which somehow I can consider as my pet.

Who's KKE?

KKE is actually DAY6 Young K's animal character. JYP decided to release a doll version of DAY6's characters. Young K's eyes looks like a fox that's why his character is a fox. I have two KKE, the bigger and the smaller one. 

So why do I have a bigger and smaller version? Because JYP released different versions. I got the Youth KKE and the version 2 of the small KKE. Here they are:

My friends, who are also fans of DAY6, usually attend DAY6 concert in South Korea. So, I asked them to buy these for me in the merch booth. It's quite cheaper than most online sellers here since I only paid for the exact amount.

Reasons Why I love KKE

Since I am not a person who likes "real" and "moving" pets, these fox dolls have been really close to my heart. I can't have a real pet so I just have these as an alternative to the real ones. Aside from the fact that I have invested money in these dolls, I love them because they represent Young K, my bias in DAY6, and they are foxes. I started to like foxes when I watched the film "The Little Prince". I don't know why but I became attracted to it.

My KKEs have been my buddy. You may find it weird but I always talk to them whenever I feel sad. They don't talk, yes, but they are just there quietly listening which I really needed most of the time.

These dolls have also been my companion whenever I travel to other places. That's why I decided to create an Instagram account purely for them. Although I am not that active there, I still shared some of my KKEs' experiences.

My Plans for KKE in the Future

I know I have not been active in KKE's Instagram account. Well, I'm not really even that active in my own IG account. But once this lockdown ends, and everything goes back to normal, I plan to be active on KKE's Instagram account. I plan on at least posting one photo of KKE a day, for a change.

At the same time, I also plan to buy or create clothes for KKE just like what I did with my Mark Tuan doll before. It will definitely be pricey but it's fun to see KKE wear different kinds of clothes. Plus, I have been seeing a lot of dolls wear different clothes.

And of course, I plan to bring KKE wherever I go, whether it be in school or just a bonding with my friends. Just like a typical pet, I want to share KKE to the world.

Blogging Challenge No. 2

So this is my entry for the Blogging Challenge No. 2 handled by Bloggers PH.

- Meet my Family/Pet
- If I won the lottery
- My Daily Routine

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