HELLO HALLYU - the First local-based fan book on Korean culture is now out!

May 05, 2020

"We've been through judgement and bashing, accused of being crazy fangirls. But actually, at the heart of the Korean wave are passionate people who appreciate culture, who support talent, and love unconditionally... This is our story because we are Hallyu." - Hello Hallyu

The Korean wave or much known as Hallyu has really been trending nowadays. In whatever form it takes - KPOP, KDrama, K-Beauty, K-Fashion, and K-Food - we can't deny the fact that Hallyu now became a part of our daily lives. But how did it really all started? How big this trend is now? How did it impact our culture? To answer our questions, ABS-CBN Books has launched Hello Hallyu which is a fan book all about the Korean wave written by Ms. Aya Villareal who has been a long time KPOP and KDrama fan and now brings Korean acts in the country through Fanlive.

What can we see on Hello Hallyu?

Hello Hallyu talks about the current situation of KPOP, KDrama, and K-Beauty in the Philippines, how other Asian series became an instrument for the current trend, and how the community grew throughout the years. That's why Hello Hallyu offers you four different covers to choose from - Park Bogum, EXO, Momoland, and NOIR - wherein these featured artists have shown their influence in the country.

Park Bo Gum's Love in the Moonlight made everyone in the country fall in love after it was aired in Channel 2. He also recently visited the Philippines for a fan meet / concert. Meanwhile, Momoland and Noir paved the way for local agencies and Korean organizations to collaborate. And of course, EXO, who is one of the biggest KPOP groups now, has influenced us not only in music but also in drama and beauty products! The book also contains exclusive interviews and photos of these artists.

But not only that, Hello Hallyu wanted to give us (K-fans) a more personal experience by featuring the roles of the local fanclubs who gave a big impact on the growth of Hallyu here in the country. This book was made possible by the support and collaboration of different organizations - Nature Republic, ABS-CBN Events, Ovation Productions, MLD Entertainment, KPOPCON, PKCI, and Fanlive.

Where can we buy this book?

Hello Hallyu is now available through ABS-CBN Books Facebook Page, Lazada, and Shopee. It will also be released soon on bookstores once the situation is back to normal. The price of the book is Php 350.

ABS-CBN Books is a leading publisher of trade paperbacks in the Philippines with over 2 million books sold since 2014, with a portfolio of bestselling writers and celebrity authors. The group believes that despite the challenge to the print industry, there remains a healthy market for books and print collectibles, which has enabled them to reach and create new readers locally and internationally.

So what are you waiting fellow K-fans? Make sure to buy your copy!

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