What Happens If I Win The Lottery

May 02, 2020

Whenever concert updates were released, I start hoping to win in the lottery so that I will not think about where to get the money for the tickets. Although I have never tried (and will never try) buying tickets for the lottery, I can't stop thinking what I should do with the money.

Since this is the topic for the Blogging Challenge No. 2 of Bloggers PH, I have decided to list down the things I will do if I win in the lottery.

Take my Masters in Korea or study Music Production

Recently, I have been searching a lot of scholarship programs in South Korea. I badly wanted to take Digital Media as my Masters since I'm currently studying Multimedia Arts. I believe that studying more will give me an idea on how I do things. Plus, I am not yet quite sure on what to do with my life after graduation.

If ever life won't permit me to study my Masters in South Korea, I plan to take the course that I really wanted ever since, and that is Music Production. Ever since I was a child, I love to sing and create my own songs. It's just so sad that no people want to support me in the path because "there's no money in it."

Visit a country and stay there for one month

To be very honest, I really plan on doing this in South Korea. Since I love everything about South Korea, I wanted to stay there for a month and see how they live. The longest time I stayed in Korea is 12 days and I feel like I needed more. I want to visit more places and attend more fangirling events. I think one month in South Korea will do.

But not only in South Korea. I have been thinking of staying in a place like Switzerland or New Zealand, just some quiet place. If I want to settle on a different country, I'll probably choose one of these countries.

Buy a house

Whenever I am watching The Return of the Superman, I always wanted the kind of houses they have. There is a big space in the living room and there are many rooms. But not only that, I plan to have my own recording room, library, art room, dance room, and a tennis area. This may be probably big for a one person but I have always wanted to have all of these so whenever I feel like doing one thing, I don't need to go outside the house.

More concert tickets giveaways

Even if I have not win the lottery, I and my team here in A Fangirl's Heart have been giving away concert tickets. Why? Because we know how sucks it feels to be a #TeamBahay when our favorites are here in the country. So if I win the lottery, I would probably have more money to giveaway tickets. One of my happiness is to see my fellow fans see their faves.

Fangirling to the highest level

I won't probably be computing how much an album can cost me or how much that plane ticket to their concert in another country. I can go to Korea whenever my faves will have their comeback. I will try to attend fansigning. Because I have the money, I can start doing the things I can't. But of course, still with moderation. I know my limitations.

Save, Invest, Build own Business

Although I may not have the knowledge on how to start a business, but it's really one of my dreams. Because one day, I want to just stay at home with my family and I'm no longer working yet I still have the income.

Blogging Challenge No. 2

Whether I win or not, bet or not, I still plan on doing these things in the future. It may take me awhile to do these things but I know that I can if I work hard and smart. This money will just make me achieve these goals fast but even if without it, I believe that I can still achieve these goals.

This is my second entry for the Blogging Challenge No. 2. If you want to meet more bloggers and interact with them, you can check out Bloggers PH Facebook Group.

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