Memorable Happenings during So Ji Sub Fan Meeting in Manila

April 03, 2019

So Ji Sub's fan meeting in Manila is probably what I consider a miracle fan meeting. I've known So Ji Sub since 2005 because of his drama "Memories in Bali", which is by the way one of my mom's favorite drama. I was around 9 years old that time! Who would have thought that after years So Ji Sub came and visited the Philippines for a fan meeting?

Last March 16, 2019, So Ji Sub had his first ever fan meeting in the Philippines, brought to you by Pulp Live World. Since I am a photographer and writer (well, I believe I AM! haha), I was able to be a media for this event. Special thanks to PKCI.

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What are the Most Memorable Happenings during So Ji Sub's Fan Meeting in Manila?

Seeing the Titas of KDrama

I was around the venue at around 4:30 in the afternoon because I still need to claim my ID for the event. The ambiance around the venue was different from the past concerts and fan meetings that I have attended. There were fewer people outside the venue and I barely see anyone my age.

As I was waiting for Kuya Bryan (one of the PKCI officers), I saw this group of Titas. Like yeah, they were almost same age as my mom! The cool thing about them is that they were also wearing a special shirt for the fan meeting. I also got to hear some of them saying that they have waited for years!

Almost all the people I saw there were older than me. I can't remember seeing someone younger than me (well except for other media people). But what is cool seeing them is that age doesn't really matter. You can be a fan for the rest of your life! I suddenly thought, "Will I be like them in the future?" Who knows?

Live Performances of So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub opened the fan meeting with a song, "I Can't Smile Without You". I honestly thought that because the fans were mostly Titas the screaming will not be that too loud. But I was wrong. IT WAS LOUD! The Titas really let go of their hidden feels!

During the second part of the fan meeting, So Ji Sub, together with the group named Soul Dive, perfomed iKON's Love Scenario. It's really fun to watch him do most of the raps! Of course, my hidden iKONIC feelings came out at that time and sang with them.

Everyone loves to share their blessings!

The huge difference during this fan meeting is that the fans are not greedy. How did I say that? There was a portion in this fan meeting wherein So Ji Sub asked the fan the meaning of "Mahal Kita" to avoid the penalty. If So Ji Sub answered it correctly, then the fan would have a signed shirt. But if So Ji Sub answered it wrong, then he has to pick a penalty. The penalties were wearing angel's wings, wearing a flower crown, doing a morning call, and more.

Who wouldn't want to have a signed item by your idol, right? But guess what. The fans gave So Ji Sub wrong answers so that he would get a penalty and everyone would see him do those penalties. The fan meeting became happier because we manage to see So Ji Sub's cute side as he wears the angel's wings and flower crown while doing some heart aegyo.

Seeing the Other Side of So Ji Sub

Whenever I hear So Ji Sub's name, I get always remember him as a tough guy (like his character in Battleship Island). But this fan meeting showed me another side of him. In real life, he was actually a shy person. His laughs were so precious which makes everyone fall in love with him.

Another great thing is that Ms. Kring Kim was the host. Well, I consider her as the best host since she knows what it feels to be a fan. And that feels gave her a high edge to other hosts.

I am so thankful that I became a part of So Ji Sub's fan meeting in Manila. I don't know when he'll come back again but I can finally say that I saw my ahjussi live!

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