From Thesis Defense to Taeyeon’s Concert in Manila

December 26, 2018

It’s funny to think that I was still able to attend Taeyeon’s concert in Manila even thought I was not able to buy tickets on the day of the ticket selling. I am very much thankful for for this opportunity.

Like what I have said, I was not able to buy tickets during the ticket selling. But days before the concert, asked me to cover the said event. So, I immediately grabbed the chance even if the concert falls on the same day as my thesis defense.

I was actually planning to vlog my “Thesis defense to Taeyeon’s concert” experience. Unfortunately, I was too nervous for my thesis defense that I forgot to take a video. Instead, I’ll just be sharing to you my experience through photos and the video I took for

Thesis Defense

Like what I have stated earlier, my thesis defense falls on the same day as Taeyeon’s concert here in Manila. So instead of being excited for the concert, I was so nervous for my presentation. Let me give you a little bit of a background with my thesis.

I am a Multimedia Arts student at Asia Pcific College. My thesis is all about promoting my hometown, Tuy, Batangas, to APC students by using illuminated paper diorama through projection mapping.

Here is an example of what I an looking forward to do:

I was too nervous with this defense because a lot of people said that our panelists love to see the presenters suffer. Well, I am actually pretty confident with my project. But the problem is, I am not confident with my speaking skills.

But thanks God, I was able to finish the presentation. Although I got a lot of comments, still, I was able to finish presenting without collapsing. Lol. Anyway, after presenting, FINALLY!! I can now be excited for Taeyeon’s concert.

Taeyeon’s Concert

Ate Minsei (from told me that the call time for the media people was 6:30pm. I was actually nervous of not reaching on time because Ate Minsei and I met at around 5pm at Ayala for the camera and tripod.

The concert day was on a Friday. The time we met was rush hour, Ayala to Cubao is far. Plus, it’s raining!

But thankfully, I was able to reach on time.

Having no sleep because of the preparation for my thesis defense, I really feel weak even before the concert starts. If you would have seen me, you will really think that I was a zombie. Good thing, my body still managed to finish the whole concert even if I am on the standing area.

For the recap of the event, read more here.

Oh, and by the way, during the start of the concert, I saw Inang, Winter, and London, in front of me. But I was not able to take a picture with them because I was too “bangag” at the moment.

Thoughts on the concert

It is already an overstatement to say this but Taeyeon is really good. I was actually not expecting much from her since I was a bit disappointed from her last performance during Best of Best 2015. But I felt that she was trying to make up from that performance that is why she interacted more with the fans.

SONEs were really cute when they are trying to keep the quietness when Taeyeon was singing. Plus, it’s cute how they call Taeyeon “beshie”. The intimate relationship between Taeyeon and SONEs was really felt.

The PH fanclub did a pretty good job preparing those fan projects. I love it especially the special banner for Taeyeon.

Regarding the staff of PULP, well, they are very organized as usual. Comparing it to DAY6’s concert in Manila, which happened on the same place, this concert was very organized.

I would love to watch Taeyeon’s concert again in the future. Though, I am lowkey hoping for a Girls Generation concert. The next time I attend Taeyeon’s concert, I would be on the seated area. I will enjoy the concert more if I am on the seated area.

Here are the videos I took for

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