Eating at Kozi Kozi in Makati

December 25, 2018

Not so long ago, I ate samgyupsal at Samgyupsalamat at Robinsons Galleria. And now, here I am, posting another blog about samgyup. This time, it is from a different restaurant. My friend (Bea) and I, randomly went inside Kozi Kozi in Makati to eat some Korean food.

Last December 15, Bea messaged me if we could meet to eat samgyupsal somewhere. And because I was half-awake that time (and also maybe because I am craving for Korean food), I told her yes.

To be very honest, we were planning to eat at Samgyupsalamat Makati Square Branch since it was their opening and they have a promo of 399 per head. But when we arrived there, the line was so long. I guess we need to wait for at least 2 hours? So, instead of waiting, Bea and I decided to walk to Makati Ave to find somewhere else to eat.

And there we found this restaurant, Kozi Kozi Premium Korean BBQ Restaurant & Cafe. At first, we were a bit hesitant to enter because there were few people inside. But when the staff approached us, we decided to eat there.

Thoughts on Kozi Kozi:

1. The place was IG-worthy

I'm sorry if I didn't take any pictures of the place. I honestly have no plans on blogging that time since my body was still aching from Taeyeon's concert (that will be on another blog). But since I was amazed at the place, I wanted to share it to you.

The lights were so good and the tables were white which made me love the place even more. You can really have great pictures while eating good food.

The only problem here in this place is that, if a lot of people are having samgyupsal at the same time, it will be very smoky inside the restaurant. Unlike in Samgyupsalamat, Kozi Kozi do not have that thing that absorbs the smoke. Sorry, I do not know what that is called.

2. Price was a bit pricey for the taste of the food

So what we ordered was like a combo..wherein we get some meats for around 1200 pesos. The one we chose were the pork meats only since the beef costs more (around 1800 if I am not mistaken). Note, this is not a buffet.

But same as the other restaurants, they offer free side dishes, soup, and the steamed egg.

As usual, I love the side dishes especially the kimchi. I really like kimchi and I do not know why. (segway lang, for those who knows a Korean restaurant that offers Danmuji - yellow pickled radish please tell me in the comments. I have been wanting to eat it.)

But anyway, the steamed egg tastes good actually. But for the soup, I actually do not like it since there was no tofu in it. I always look for the tofu. lol.

These were the meats that we ordered. Unfortunately, I could not remember them. Looks few right? But my friend and I barely even consumed these meats. They were really heavy in the stomach which is kinda good because somehow we felt like we ate at a buffet.

3. You're treated as a Queen (lol) - the staff were so kind

It was not actually my first time to eat at a Korean restaurant wherein the staff will be the one to cook the samgyupsal in front of you. But it was actually my first time wherein all the staff paid attention to you. Or maybe because there were only few people during that time. But still, even if I was wearing a "pambahay" when we went there, they did not treat me as if I am a nobody.

Their staff was the one cooking for us although I felt a little awkward that time since she may be hearing our conversation. But still, I find them very kind and approachable.

Will I still come back to this restaurant?

Probably, yes, if I have extra money. Since it is kinda pricey, I still prefer the cheaper one. But for those people who are not that tight with money, I can recommend you this place. If you simply want to eat samgyupsal in a quiet place, well this place is for you. You can eat Korean food, take good pictures, and enjoy your talk with your friends or family all at the same time.

Here is the exact address of the restaurant:

Kozi Kozi. 24hrs, Korean. 47 Polaris St, Bel-Air, Makati

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