Best of Best 2018: My Fangirl Review, Highlights, and Goals

December 30, 2018

It’s already the end of 2018 and who would have thought that I am still up here blogging (or more like writing all my fangirling activities). My 2018 really reached both extremes - possibly the worst and the best year. Weird right? Yeah, I know it’s weird.

Possibly the best because I was able to see almost all my favorite KPOP stars this year. Worst because it’s worst lol. I will not talk about those negative things.

For this blog post, I’ll be writing about the reviews of my SNS accounts as well as my blog, the higlights of my fangirling this year, and also my goals for 2019. So continue reading this if you want to know more.

A Review of A Fangirl’s Heart

Around mid 2018, I changed my blog from Musician Traveller to A Fangirl’s Heart. The main reason for that change is because I realized that most of my blogs here are about my fangirl life and not about me (as a musician) travelling - although I plan on travelling really soon!

I am still not that actively blogging because I honestly do not know what to write. Like what I said on my About, I write randomly. But still thanks to everyone who appreciates and supports me as a blogger, I somehow reached some views in this blog. And hopefully, in the future, I will reach more people through my stories.

Recently, the Facebook page for this blog has been growing since it has become an active page for updates and spazzing at the same time. From around 1000 likes from the start of the year, it ends up at 3.7k+ likes with 130k+ monthly reach and 50k+ engagements. I am very much thankful to my page updater for keeping the page active. 

We’re still trying to have more reaches on our Twitter and Youtube accounts, although it’s really not much of a priority.

Through this page, we were also able to give 3 lucky fans the chance to attend their chosen concert - Wanna One in Manila, DAY6 in Manila, and Winner in Manila.

Highlights of my Fangirl Life this 2018

This 2018, I have been blessed with a lot of concerts, fanmeetings, and press conferences or interviews. Mostly, these happened because I was asked to cover the event (thanks to, Headliner Manila, and PKCI). In this year, I also had the chance to tick another item on my bucket list.


Like what I have said, in this year, I have ticked one item on my bucket list, and that is attending a concert outside the Philippines. Let’s go #TeamInternationalConcert

That is during Wanna One’s concert in Malaysia. Look how much love I have for Wanna One that I’m willing to see them outside my country. Don’t worry GOT7 and DAY6, I will do that to you soon. Just wait until I graduate and find a decent job.

Here is the list of the concerts I have attended:

Super Show 7 in Manila

Wanna One “One: The World” in Malaysia

Wanna One “One: The World” in Manila

UAAP opening (with Minzy as special guest)

DAY6 “Youth” in Manila

MBC Show Champion in Manila 2018

Winner “Everywhere” in Manila

’s Taeyeon Concert in Manila

SB19: Start of the Best


The fanmeetings that I have attended were composed of Korean and Thai fanmeetings. As you can see on the picture below, I have a selfie with the actors of What the Duck, which was really the highlight of my birthday. I guess I will be posting more about it on my next birthday.

Here is the list of the fan meetings that I have attended:

JBJ “Come True” in Manila

Sotus “Hazing” in Manila

Bench’s Cole Sprouse in Manila

Gxxod’s Solo Fan Meeting in Manila

Sungjae “Paradise” in Manila

Jung Joon Young “Fiancรฉ” in Manila

What the Duck “The Arrival” dinner

Press conferences / Interview

For the press conferences or interviews, it is a combination of Korean and Filipino artists. I never thought I will get to cover even once for a Filipino artist. 

Here is the list of the press conferences or interviews I have attended:

One Night Food Trip Season 2

Hello K-Idol

Leaders Grand Launching in PH

Nakalimutan ko nang Kalimutan Ka Presscon

Prince Tao in Manila Interview

NOIR in Manila Interview

Upon listing all these together, I attended 22 events all in all which really broke my record last year. Who would have thought that a very busy person like me was able to attend these events?

That is why maybe I reached to the point where I became tired of attending concerts or events. To be honest with everyone, I badly want to quit attending concerts because I no longer enjoy the concerts. My body becomes so tired and stressed during concerts.

But I am thankful for the kpop groups “NOIR” and “Winner” for making me want to attend more events. Of all the KPOP groups or artists I have met this year, they are very kind to the media and was really cheering for us too.


For 2019, I have set some goals for this blog and for myself too. Let’s start first with this blog.

For A Fangirl’s Heart

My personal goal for this blog is to be able to write at least 24 blogs next year which includes some KDrama Reviews, more Merch Reviews, and some features of different artists, songs, places, or just anything that revolves around my fangirl life. Also, I tend to go travel more than attend concerts for the next year (we’ll see if this one will happen ๐Ÿ˜‚).

My team’s goal for this blog (or for the team itself) is to be able to have at least 3 giveaways next year, have a charity giving, reach 7-10k likes on Facebook, 1000 followers on Twitter and at least 100 subscribers to Youtube.

We will be writing a more specific objective of this blog soon once we get to meet again.

For myself (as a fangirl blogger)

The goal that I put for myself is to simply just enjoy writing and not be pressured with the numbers. As you all know, the number of followers has been a great deal in the KPOP industry. And that is why a lot of known spazzers or even influencers has been so arrogant because of those numbers. (but I still know a lot of known spazzers who are very kind). 

Even the team’s goal is to reach such number, we will not force ourselves to do something we really can’t (example attend a concert when you’re broke). Those numbers are just our / my inspiration to work harder and not be lazy.

The next goal is to learn how to say “No”. I have been so stressed with a lot of activities this year because I tend to always say “yes” to whatever they want me to do. To the point that I lost my sense of direction already. If you have noticed, I was a fanclub admin and I felt the pressure to do well on that area leaving my studies behind. And that was one of the worst things I did this year.

This 2019, it no longer matters if people will cut connections or friendships with me if I say “no” to some or most of their favors. I know my limits and they too should know.

Another goal that I put is I hope to travel outside the country at least once a year. This 2019, I plan to go to Korea or Thailand.

The last goal for my fangirl blogger life is to be just me. Me that enjoys the fangirl life and not get pressured by it. Me that loves to write about those concert experiences and spazz about those artists. I will not let myself compare my fangirling style with other fans.

To the things or people I’m thankful for 2018


Very much thankful for all the memories I get to experience in these places. Hong Kong and Malaysia see you again soon!

Photo Ops

Here’s to the photo ops I had this year, a proof of my experience. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Media ID

Aside from collecting official merch and tickets from my favorite groups, I now started collecting Media IDs. Although I lost most of my Media IDs this year (since I transferred apartments), I’m still thankful I was able to save some. This is just a proof that I am working! Haha.

Media Peepz

I know I’m not a perfect photographer, writer, or a person as a whole. But I’m thankful for these peepz for making me discover the world even more.

Of course, very much thankful for, Headliner Manila, and PKCI for the opportunities you gave me and for allowing me to improve my skills more.


I gained and at the same time lost many friends this year. But I am thankful for those people because you guys molded me to who I am now.

Insert photos of my GOT7 Squad, my APC peepz (ABMA15x and the irreg peepz you know who you are)


Of course, my family. Thankful for these people because they are there with me during my darkest hours (even if at times they don’t understand me).

You, who is reading this

This blog probably won’t last if you guys didn’t support me. Thank you for joining my 2018 journey and I hope you’ll still join me on my future journeys. Thank you!

2018 has really been a rollercoaster ride for me and for this blog. And as a fangirl, I promise to continue to be this kind of fangirl that can eventually help other fans as well. If you have any thoughts on how to improve this blog/page, don’t forget to leave a comment.

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