I Chose Basketball Over Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting in Manila

December 06, 2018

A lot of people are asking me why I didn't attend Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting in Manila when in fact I can attend the said fan meeting. First of all, I am not a rich fangirl. So I have to choose the events that I should attend.
I was actually planning to go to Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting in Manila since Globe had a promo that when you buy their Home Wifi you'll have 2 Upper Box tickets. My mom told me that she wanted a Home Wifi at our house in Batangas. So, I was thinking that this was a good opportunity. I was like hitting two birds with one stone. But then, my dad asked me if I could buy him a ticket for the FIBA World Cup Philippines vs. Kazakhstan since their game will be held at MOA Arena on November 30 which was a holiday.
It's actually the first time that my dad asked me to buy him something. So, I immediately told my mom about dad's wish and my mom wanted to watch the game too. Since my budget is very limited, I have to choose between buying the Globe Home Wifi or the FIBA World Cup tickets.
I badly want to see Lee Jong Suk but I want to see my dad happy. So instead of buying the FM tickets, I bought tickets for the FIBA World Cup.
Fast forward to D-DAY.

Family Bonding - Three Words to Forever

My parents went to Manila early. At around 11:00 am, we went to MOA to have some bonding. My mom badly wanted to watch Sharon's newest movie, Three Words to Forever. To be very honest, I haven't watched the trailer of it so I have no idea on what the movie is all about. So yes, we watched the movie.
I hope I can write a review about this movie soon. Just let me finish my thesis presentation first (huhu). But what are my thoughts in the movie? First, I love it. You can definitely watch it with the whole family and all of you will learn lessons from it. The actors and actresses were really great, especially Joross Gamboa. He made me laugh all throughout the movie. The story is very simple yet it left an impact not only to me but also to my parents. If you haven't watched it, go and watch it!

FIBA World Cup - Philippines vs. Kazahkstan

I may not be vocally active but I am a fan of basketball ever since I was a child. Both my parents love watching basketball so I also started loving basketball. This will by my first time watching Gilas play against other countries' players live. I have watched previous PBA games but it would be my first time watching the Gilas players.

My parents were a bit excited since this will be their first time watching a live event at MOA. So we were there at 6:30 pm even if the event will still start at 7:30 pm. But you know what's the good thing on going early inside the venue? We got free tshirts!

My mom and dad were so happy as they wore the tshirts. I can clearly see it in their faces. We waited for a few minutes, and finally the program has started.
I was so excited to see Matthew Wright playing (he's my basketball player crush as of the moment XD). But also, I was excited to see how Gilas will play. I am just quite disappointed because some good players of Gilas were not present maybe because of the PBA Finals. But anyway, at least Wright was there. lol.
The game actually started well. The scores were really near each other. It was a good game. Unfortunately, by 4th quarter, Gilas frequently commits mistakes which caused the other team to have some free throw. That is when the scores started to have some wide gaps.
We actually thought there will be an overtime since Gilas was still able to have some three-points. Unfortunately, they committed more fouls and the game ended with a 4-gap score. Gilas was not able to win but seeing how other Pinoys support Gilas so much, and seeing my parents happy that they have watched it, is all worth it.
So yeah, that's basically it.
I chose to give a gift to my parents by buying tickets for the game than attending Lee Jong Suk FM. I still believe that soon, he will be back and I can attend his fan meeting. For those who were able to attend Lee Jong Suk FM, how was your experience? Share it to me!

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