K-Vault: Wanna One Umbrella (Limited Edition)

November 22, 2018

It has been a long time since I last blogged about my K-Merch. It's not that I stopped collecting merch. It's just that I have been so busy that I forget to blog these things. For today's K-Vault, I'll be showing you the Wanna One Umbrella (Limited Edition).

To be honest, it is just a simple umbrella. But what made it more special is that it is from Wanna One. So basically, what you're gonna expect in this umbrella is that it is full of Wanna One names and logos.

I bought this Wanna One umbrella at Born A Princess Shoppe. This shop offers a lot of KPOP merch to Korean cosmetics. Here is the link to their shop just in case you want to buy from them: https://www.facebook.com/bornaprincessshoppe. Overall experience from the shop is 10/10. The seller is very kind and approachable. She always updates you regarding your item.

I actually forgot that I ordered this Wanna One umbrella and she just reminded me that the item has arrived in the Philippines and is ready for shipping.

Wanna One umbrella is a folding type of umbrella with color combination of black, gold, and silver which is the same combination on their concert tour. Included in this umbrella is a nametag with Wanna One's picture in it.

Just like what I have said earlier, this umbrella is full of logos and Wanna One. But what made me interested with this Wanna One umbrella is that their signatures were printed on it too. I was not actually expecting it when I opened the umbrella.

Here are some other pictures of the umbrella:

For it's price, it is really kinda pricey. But yeah, for the love of Wanna One, you're willing to spend much for them (lol I didn't spend money for it my sponsor told me to get one and she funded it). The cloth of this umbrella is kinda good. It's way better than those you can buy for a hundred pesos.

Watch my unboxing vlog here:

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