MBC Show Champion in Manila 2018

November 08, 2018

It has been 2 years since the first MBC Show Champion was held in Manila. This 2018, it came back with a very unexpected line up. EXO - the most awaited kpop group in the line up - MXM, Weki Meki, The Boyz, Hyeongseop x Euwioong, and Xeno - T rocked the stage of MOA Arena last October 28, 2018.
Why did I say it was an unexpected line up? Maybe because this event was mostly composed of rookie groups. But I am really looking forward to see them since they are my ‘produce’ babies. Two Weki Meki (Yoojung and Doyeon) members were IOI members. MXM, Hyeongseop x Euiwoong, and one member from The Boyz (Haknyeon) joined Produce 101 Season 2.
Meanwhile, Xeno-T, I learned that they were formerly known as Topp Dogg. To be honest, I do not know them.
This event was not perfect. Up until now, I am still thinking if attending that concert was really worth it. Yes, I saw some of my favorites but there was something missing. I still can’t figure what that thing is. But still, I thank All Access Productions for bringing these groups.
I have no plans on attending this concert because I have no money to buy tickets. On the day itself, sponsor gave me a complimentary ticket for the event. So I attended the concert. What shocked me during the concert was the people beside me were my some of my friends in the KPOP world. Who would have thought I’ll get to meet them there?


The concert started at about 7pm. To be very honest, it was kinda disappointing because there were few attendees. You can clearly see the vacant seats in front, although the upperbox and gen ad section were full. What makes it more disappointing was during Xeno-T’s performace where the fans rushed down because a staff said to move down to fill the lower parts of the arena. But at the end, everyone went back to their seats.
It was kinda embarassing in front of Xeno-T because they might think that we were leaving the place. I wasn’t able to watch Xeno-T’s whole performance because of what happened. And I really feel bad for it. I hope I’ll get to see them perform again soon.

Hyeongseop x Euiwoong

When my friends and I got back to our original place, Hyeongseop x Euiwoong was starting their performance. This time, I made sure that I watched their performance. It’s fun to watch them perform since their looks are very bright. My disappointment were a bit lessen with it. Just a bit.

The Boyz

The next performer was The Boyz. I know them by their name but I do not know any of their songs. But upon hearing them perform, I really believe that their name will soon be big. Their dance moves were on point and their vocals were great too. They performed KeePer which really caught my attention. I started to like the song.
The Boyz said that they are looking forward to have their solo concert in the Philippines too. Well, I’m pretty sure the B’s are also looking forward for it.

Weki Meki

Weki Meki performed next. I was really looking forward for their performances since they are the only girl group in the line up. Also, I’m looking forward to see Yoojung and Doyeon, my IOI babies. Weki Meki did not disappoint the fans. They really performed well. And Doyeon was such a goddess.


MXM, the group that I really want to see. They were actually one of my favorites during Produce 101 Season 2. Unfortunately, they did not make it to the top11. But it’s okay. They debuted as a duo and their songs were really cute. It’s fun to see and hear the fans scream the fanchants during MXM. It only means that MXM has an established fanbase here in the Philippines.
Donghyun was a bit more talkative than Youngmin. I was really amazed with Donghyun’s features too. He really look good. He looks better on person rather than on pictures. Youngmin was just there being quiet but showing his strong charms as he perform their songs. Ah, I really can’t wait for them to debut with Woojin and Daehwi.


When MXM ended their performance, the crowds went wild. Well, it’s EXO’s time. What are we gonna expect.
Everyone from their seats started to stand up. We ended up standing or else we won’t be able to see anything. EXO performed 4 songs. EXO still managed to catch everyone’s heart. After following them since debut, this was my first time seeing them live. They are EXO and they proved that they deserve everyone’s love. They were really good. Promise.
That’s how the concert ended. To be very honest, the volume of the microphones and the sound itself were very low. When the fans screamed, I barely heard the performers’ voices. I hope AAP will soon fix it.

I love AAP because they really try to bring groups that we thought would never be able to perform here in the Philippines. But I can’t deny the fact that this concert was so far the worst concert I have attended. A lot were not able to have their photo op perks, the venue was not filled, the music and the sound were low in volume, the sudden change of seats during Xeno-T’s performance..these were just the few little negative things.
Positive? EXO-Ls were very kind that they managed to study the fanchants or other groups. Plus, even if the groups were not really familiar with them, they still screamed out loud. Thank you EXO-Ls for supporting the rookie groups.
Til my next concert, #WINNERinManila.

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